Opposite Of Master, Antonyms of Master (Example Sentences)

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Type: Noun/Verb

Meaning/Definition of master: Noun referring to a person who has control or authority over others; Verb describing the act of becoming skilled or proficient in something.

What is the Opposite of master?

The Opposite of master is novice.

Other Opposites of master:

Here is the list of all opposites or antonyms of master:

  • bondwoman
  • captive
  • capture
  • chattel
  • creature
  • domestic
  • drudge
  • helot
  • housemaid
  • maid
  • menial
  • minion
  • prisoner
  • serf
  • servant
  • server
  • slave
  • thrall
  • thrall
  • vassal

Example Sentences Using Opposites of Master:

  1. The new employee was a novice and required guidance from experienced colleagues.
  2. She started as a beginner and gradually developed her skills over time.
  3. The young artist became an apprentice to a renowned painter to learn the craft.
  4. He was a learner who sought knowledge and actively engaged in self-improvement.
  5. The rookie quarterback joined the team with little experience in professional football.
  6. The eager student attended every lecture and took diligent notes.
  7. He was an amateur photographer who enjoyed capturing moments with his camera.
  8. The young girl was a dedicated pupil who showed great potential in her studies.
  9. The trainee underwent intensive training to become proficient in his new role.
  10. She was an inexperienced climber who needed guidance from more seasoned mountaineers.

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