30 Funny Ways to Say Rise And Shine

Funny Ways to Say Rise And Shine

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Rise And Shine:

  1. Up and at ’em!
  2. Time to awaken, sleepyhead!
  3. Hey there, it’s morning!
  4. Get up, get going!
  5. Wakey-wakey, eggs, and bakey!
  6. The sun says hello!
  7. Goodbye dreams, hello day!
  8. G’morning, rise up!
  9. Embrace the day, rise!
  10. New day, new adventures!
  11. Shake off sleepiness, up!
  12. Open those peepers wide!
  13. It’s dawn, get on!
  14. Jump out of bed!
  15. It’s daylight, arise!
  16. Time for some sunshine!
  17. Emerge and shine!
  18. Sleep’s over, move!
  19. Don’t snooze, amuse!
  20. The world awaits, awake!
  21. Throw off those covers!
  22. Morning calls, answer!
  23. Start the show, rise!
  24. Be an early bird!
  25. Stretch and conquer!
  26. Roll out and sparkle!
  27. Yawn’s done, dawn’s here!
  28. Clock’s ticking, up!
  29. No more slumber, rise!
  30. Kickstart the day, shine!


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