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Definition of Phrase

A phrase is a combination of words that makes sense, but not completes sense. (It is often without a verb). There are different types of phrases like nouns, phrases, adjectives, phrases, adverb phrases, prepositional phrases, etc.

Example: A woman in black clothes, during the play, in the rain.

Types of Phrases in English Grammar

The Noun phrases

A noun phrase is a group of words that does the work of a noun or pronoun.


  • She asked a difficult question.

Adjective phrases

It is a prepositional phrase that qualifies or tells us about a noun or pronoun. An adjective phrase is a group of words that does the work of an adjective. phrase and its types pdf


  • The student in the room…

The Adverb phrase

It is a prepositional phrase that tells us about a verb or adjective or an adverb


  • We sat under the tree.

The prepositional phrases

It’s a prepositional with its object and any other word. It functions as an adjective or adverb phrase.

It begins with a prepositional and ends with a noun/pronoun.


  • In a minute, into the well, etc.

The participial phrases

It is made up of participle (verb and adjective combine) and word that modifies (change) the participle or complete it meaning.


  • Saddened by the tragedy, delighted at the joke.

The infinitive phrases

It is made up of infinitive (which often starts with “to” and a function as a noun or adjective or adverb), its compliments (a word which completes it meaning), and any modifier (a word that gives additional information about it).


  • To climb on a rock, to swim in dangerous water.

The verb phrases

It is one or more helping verbs and the main verb together.


  • Are sleeping, had met, will have left. phrase and its types pdf

The gerund phrases

A gerund is made up of a gerund and its complement and a modifier.


  • A most horrible thundering dent us into the cave.

Infographics (Phrases and Its Types)

Phrases and its types Noun Phrase - Phrases and its types adjective Phrase - Phrases and its types Adverb Phrase - Phrases and its types verb phrase in english infinitive phrase in english prepositional phrase in english gerund phrase in english participle phrase in english

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