Insects That Start With The Letter ‘U’

Insects That Start With The Letter ‘U’! In this lesson, we have enlisted some common insect names that start with U. Some are the most common names and some are the scientific ones.

Insects That Start With U

  • Uzi fly
  • Udea rubigalis
  • Umbonia crassicornis
  • Uresiphita reversalis
  • Urodus parvulus
  • Uropetala carovei
  • Uroplatus fimbriatus
  • Utetheisa ornatrix
  • Uvarovite bush cricket

‘U’ Insect Names Definitions and Pictures

Uzi fly

Uzi fly

The uzi fly is a small insect, typically measuring between 5-7 millimeters in length. It is commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in Southeast Asia, where it is considered a major pest of fruits and vegetables.

Umbonia crassicornis (Thorn bug)

A species of true bug that is known for its thorn-like protuberances on its body.

Udea rubigalis (Rusty-dot Pearl)

A species of moth that is commonly found in North America.

Uresiphita reversalis (Soybean looper)

A species of moth that is known for its damage to soybean crops.

Urodus parvulus (Lesser European stag beetle)

A species of beetle that is found in Europe and Asia.

Utetheisa ornatrix (Bella moth)

A species of moth that is known for its striking black and red coloration.

Uvarovite bush cricket (Eneoptera uvarovii)

A species of cricket that is found in Africa.

Uropetala carovei (New Zealand tree weta)

A species of weta that is found in New Zealand.

Uroplatus fimbriatus (Leaf-tailed gecko)

A species of gecko that is found in Madagascar.

insects that start with u

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