Insects That Start With The Letter ‘K’

Insects That Start With The Letter ‘K’! In this lesson, we have enlisted some common insect names that start with K. Some are the most common names and some are the scientific ones.

Insects That Start With K

  • Kelp fly
  • Koa moth
  • King cricket
  • Katydid
  • Karner blue butterfly

‘K’ Insect Names Definitions and Pictures

Kelp fly (Coelopa frigida)

Kelp fly

A species of fly found in coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest that feeds on seaweed and other marine algae.

Koa moth (Scotorythra paludicola)

Koa moth

A species of moth found in Hawaii that feeds on the leaves of koa trees.

Katydid (Tettigoniidae family)


A group of insects known for their distinctive songs and long, slender bodies.

King cricket (Macropanesthia rhinoceros)

King cricket

A large, flightless cricket found in Australia is sometimes kept as a pet.

Karner blue butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis)

Karner blue butterfly

This small, blue butterfly is found in North America and is known for its dependence on wild lupine plants for its survival.

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