30 Funny Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down

Funny Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Your Zipper Is Down:

  1. Your barn door’s open, and the cows are escaping!
  2. Your landing gear needs some attention.
  3. Your secret passage is exposed.
  4. The tent’s not properly pitched, my friend.
  5. Looks like your submarine is surfacing.
  6. The VIP section is open in your pants club.
  7. You’re letting the cat out of the bag, if you catch my drift.
  8. Your trousers are attempting a quick getaway.
  9. Looks like your zipper’s throwing a party.
  10. The tunnel to the underworld is open for business.
  11. The cave entrance needs guarding.
  12. Your zipper is embracing the art of exposure.
  13. Captain, your escape pod has been activated!
  14. Your zipper wants to see the world.
  15. It’s ‘Operation: Desert Zipper’ over there.
  16. Your trousers are showing off their escape route.
  17. I spy with my little eye… your zipper down!
  18. Your zipper heard it’s a ‘breezy’ day outside.
  19. Your gate to Narnia is unlocked.
  20. Your zipper’s testing the waters of freedom.
  21. Is your zipper training for a marathon?
  22. Your fly is on vacation.
  23. Did you just create a new form of venting?
  24. You’ve got a rebel flag trying to surrender.
  25. Your zipper is ready for its grand entrance.
  26. Did you just start a half-open/half-closed fashion trend?
  27. You’ve got a breach in the zip-a-sphere.
  28. Your drawbridge is down, and the castle’s defenseless!
  29. Your runway for ants is all set.
  30. Your zipper is having a rebellious moment.


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