30 Funny Ways to Say Happy New Year

30 Funny Ways to Say Happy New Year

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Happy New Year:

  1. “New Year, New Me… Just kidding!”
  2. “365 new days, 365 more excuses!”
  3. “Happy New You!”
  4. “Rolling into the New Year like a tumbleweed.”
  5. “More resolutions to break!”
  6. “2023: Now in HD!”
  7. “Happily ever after starts January 1st.”
  8. “Same planet, different calendar. Let’s roll!”
  9. “Another year, another 365 opportunities for takeout!”
  10. “New Year, same delightful chaos!”
  11. “Happy 2023! Or as I call it, 2022S!”
  12. “365 new chances to eat cake.”
  13. “Let’s make this year less awkward than 2022!”
  14. “Hope your New Year pops like champagne!”
  15. “Glowing up in 2023!”
  16. “New Year, same me. Because why mess with perfection?”
  17. “New Year, New Netflix binges!”
  18. “Cheers to another year of questionable decisions!”
  19. “Happy New Year from one awesome person to another!”
  20. “Another year, still fabulous.”
  21. “New Year, who dis?”
  22. “Counting memories, not calories this year!”
  23. “Another year, another wrinkle. Cheers!”
  24. “Trust the magic of new beginnings (and caffeine)!”
  25. “New Year’s resolution: 1080p.”
  26. “Say it with me: I will not eat all the holiday cookies.”
  27. “2023: Another chapter in my book of wild adventures!”
  28. “Let’s make more “Remember when?” moments this year.”
  29. “Welcome to 2023: The Sequel!”
  30. “Cheers to another year of faking adulthood!”


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Funny Ways to Say Happy New Year