30 Funny Ways to Say Last Call

Funny Ways to Say Last Call

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Last Call:

  1. Alright folks, time to romance that last glass!
  2. Hurry up before Cinderella loses her slipper! Last orders!
  3. Drink up while you can, because we’re about to turn into a pumpkin!
  4. Last call! Get your sips before the ship sails!
  5. One more round before we turn the lights up and you see your date clearly!
  6. Come get the last hoorah for your straw!
  7. Alright, folks! Last chance to sip before we zip!
  8. Attention: last chance to fill your dance fuel!
  9. One for the road? Well, the sidewalk. Always drink responsibly!
  10. The night’s still young, but our taps are getting old. Last call!
  11. Last chance to wine… or whiskey, or beer!
  12. Last call, or you’ll be dreaming about what could’ve been!
  13. Last chance to hydrate before we evacuate!
  14. Last chance saloon! And I don’t mean the wild west kind!
  15. Quick! Your drink is calling! And it’s saying, ‘last chance!’
  16. Soon we’ll be out of booze cruise mode. Last call!
  17. The bar’s about to take a nap, so get that last cap!
  18. It’s almost bedtime for the bottles! Last orders!
  19. Last call! Don’t leave your glass feeling lonely!
  20. Attention! Your glass wants a refill before bedtime!
  21. Eyes up! Hands to the bar! It’s your last chance star!
  22. Clock’s ticking, soon these taps will be kicking… off!
  23. Alright party animals, time for one last sip at the watering hole!
  24. This is it, the grand finale! Drum roll, please… last call!
  25. Here’s the finale folks, let your glasses rise!
  26. Quick! Get your drink before the taps go to sleep!
  27. Your next drink might be a coffee, so grab your last cocktail now!
  28. The booze train is about to depart! Last tickets!
  29. Last sips before the big eclipse!
  30. Last orders! It’s almost time for our bottles to take their beauty sleep!


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Funny Ways to Say Last Call