30 Funny Ways to Say You’re A Virgin

Funny Ways to Say You’re A Virgin

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say You’re A Virgin:

  1. Member of the untouched club.
  2. Still in the original packaging.
  3. Zero miles on the odometer.
  4. Factory-sealed.
  5. No one’s plucked this apple yet.
  6. Still have the V-card.
  7. Virginity game on legendary mode.
  8. The boat’s never left the harbor.
  9. Still have my training wheels on.
  10. Still on the showroom floor.
  11. Cataloged in the no-go archives.
  12. Warranty hasn’t been voided.
  13. Membership to the no-fly zone.
  14. As fresh as a morning snowfall.
  15. Mint condition.
  16. Never popped the champagne.
  17. My balloon’s never been up.
  18. No one’s scored on this field yet.
  19. Never been down lover’s lane.
  20. The fortress remains unbreached.
  21. Unicorn status.
  22. As pure as store-bought snow.
  23. Fresh out of the bubble wrap.
  24. Cookie jar remains closed.
  25. Ticket to ride, never punched.
  26. The tape is still on the box.
  27. Still sporting the rookie badge.
  28. Full battery, no calls.
  29. No footprints on this beach.
  30. Not yet swiped the V-card.


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