30+ Funny Ways to Say Let’s Have A Baby

Funny Ways to Say Let’s Have A Baby!

1- Let’s grow our family tree!

3- We should expand our horizons.

4- Let’s pop out a mini us!

5- Ready for the pitter-patter of little feet?

6- Hoping for a stork delivery soon!

7- Can we add one more to the family?

8- Time for a little bundle of joy!

9- Let’s get ready for parenting 101.

10- Wanna add an extra plus one to the team?

11- Let’s pop a little bundle of joy!

12- We are gonna have us a bambino!

13- Baby time, here we come!

14- Time to add another member to the family.

15- Let’s make some baby magic happen.

16- Ready for our parental debut?

17- We can have a tiny human of our own.

18- Time to let our reproductive organs get to work!

19- Let’s get started on this fun parenting journey.

20- It’s time for us to become mama and papa bear!

21- Putting the baby car seat in the cart!

22- Time to go shopping for a mini us.

23- Ready to be parents?

24- Let’s create our own little peanut!

25- Can we start preparing a nursery?

26- The stork is on its way with an extra special delivery.

27- We can make our own little miracle happen!

28- Let’s get the baby train rolling!

29- Time for us to become parents!

30- Put in the order, a mini me is coming soon!

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Funny Ways to Say Lets Have a Baby

funny ways to say lets have a baby