30 Funny Ways to Say Never

30 Funny Ways to Say Never

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Never:

  1. When pigs fly!
  2. Once unicorns become our mail carriers.
  3. When fish start climbing trees.
  4. Once zebras drop their stripes for polka dots.
  5. As quick as turtles turn turbo.
  6. As soon as clouds play hopscotch.
  7. After deserts flood with lemonade.
  8. When teddy bears join the Olympics.
  9. Once sandcastles repel high tide.
  10. The moment shadows chase light.
  11. When ice cubes ask for sweaters.
  12. The moment crows draft love letters.
  13. When cupcakes do marathons.
  14. When chickens whistle Beethoven.
  15. The time mermaids host desert tours.
  16. The day cacti go for a swim.
  17. If frogs start yodeling.
  18. If snails outrun cheetahs.
  19. As soon as toast flies south for winter.
  20. The second chocolate starts to diet.
  21. After snowmen sunbathe in July.
  22. When a rock starts its own podcast.
  23. If donuts start sprouting legs.
  24. If volcanoes start freezing over.
  25. If your shoes start a food blog.
  26. The day sushi starts singing opera.
  27. If giraffes start breakdancing.
  28. When brooms join ballet troupes.
  29. When penguins take up salsa dancing.
  30. If cows begin moonlighting as DJs.


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