30 Funny Ways to Say Mind Your Own Business

Funny Ways to Say Mind Your Own Business

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Mind Your Own Business:

  1. Don’t be a private investigator without a license.
  2. Please respect the personal space-time continuum.
  3. Keep your nose in your own airspace.
  4. Don’t swim in the waters of curiosity.
  5. Avoid joining the gossip orchestra.
  6. Stay out of the ‘What’s Happening in Someone Else’s Life’ club.
  7. Don’t go on an expedition to Peekaboo Mountain.
  8. Practice safe socializing: keep your distance.
  9. Remember, you’re the CEO of your life, not a shareholder in theirs.
  10. Don’t be a mind-reading apprentice.
  11. Avoid the neighborhood of ‘What’s Cooking in Others’ Lives?’
  12. Stay out of the ‘Storytelling Without Permission’ club.
  13. Don’t be the co-pilot on the helicopter of gossip.
  14. No trespassing in the land of other people’s affairs.
  15. Avoid exploring the uncharted territories of someone else’s business.
  16. Don’t take the express train to Nosyville.
  17. Keep your radar focused on your own runway.
  18. Give your curiosity a vacation, preferably on a deserted island.
  19. Keep the gossip train derailed.
  20. Don’t be the unauthorized biographer of someone else’s life.
  21. Don’t make someone else’s business your full-time job.
  22. Mind your own beeswax and let others handle their honey.
  23. Mind your own beeswax factory and let others handle production.
  24. Steer clear of the drama llama farm.
  25. Don’t audition for the role of Sherlock Holmes Jr.
  26. Respect the ‘No Entry’ sign into other people’s business.
  27. Let others do the detective work for their own stories.
  28. Steer clear of the ‘What’s the Scoop?’ headquarters.
  29. Don’t be the unauthorized commentator on the game of life.
  30. Remember, Google Maps doesn’t have a route to others’ business


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Funny Ways to Say Mind Your Own Business