30 Funny Ways to Say Goodbye To A Co-Worker

Funny Ways to Say Goodbye To A Co-Worker

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say Goodbye To A Co-Worker:

  1. Don’t forget us when you’re famous!
  2. Who will I now steal pens from?
  3. Take care, and if you don’t, take photos!
  4. You’re free now, run!
  5. See you in the unemployment line… Just kidding!
  6. Now who’ll cover my coffee breaks?
  7. Promise to write… or at least send memes.
  8. Don’t be a stranger, unless you’re offering candy!
  9. Escape successful!
  10. Another office, same old office politics! Good luck!
  11. The WiFi password’s a parting gift. Take it!
  12. Catch you on the flip side!
  13. Try not to miss me too much!
  14. Quick! Go before they change their mind!
  15. Who am I going to prank now?
  16. Hope the new crew knows they’re getting a legend.
  17. Don’t be too good, they might want you back!
  18. May your WiFi always be strong wherever you go.
  19. Stay out of mischief…or at least don’t get caught!
  20. Take me with you!
  21. Now, go make the coffee somewhere else!
  22. Long may your screen breaks be!
  23. Remember us when it’s snack day.
  24. Goodbye, superstar!
  25. Send a postcard from the real world!
  26. Bye, don’t forget to unfollow us on social media!
  27. May the office plants at your new job be evergreen!
  28. Adios, a partner in crime!
  29. May your next coworkers be half as weird as us.
  30. Catch you on the next coffee break…oh wait!


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Funny Ways to Say Goodbye To A Co Worker