120+ Creative Ways to Say Welcome

Welcome is one of the first words we learn to say—both literally and figuratively. As human beings, we want people to feel welcome in our homes, businesses, schools and neighborhoods. And if you’re looking for creative ways to express your greeting and make everyone feel appreciated and accepted upon their arrival, this blog post has got you covered! From meaningful gestures like leaving cards on pillows or baking treats for visitors that come over unexpectedly to unique quotes that can liven up any room—here are some simple yet clever and fun ideas for welcoming others with warmth. So read on for inspiring tips on how to show kindness through thoughtful welcomes!

Creative Ways to Say Welcome

1- Welcome with open arms!

2- Give a friendly greeting.

3- A hearty hello to you.

4- We’ve been expecting you.

5- Come right in.

6- Your presence is appreciated.

7- The door is open for you.

8- Welcome aboard!

9- We’re glad you chose us.

10- Welcome to the family.

11- It’s a pleasure to have you here.

12- All are welcome here.

13- We’re happy to meet you.

14- You arrive just in time.

15- It’s great to have you here.

16- The more, the merrier!

17- Your arrival is timely.

18- Welcome home!

19- A warm welcome to you.

20- You bring joy with you.

21- Welcome, one and all!

22- You’re here just in time.

23- Make yourself comfortable.

24- Welcome with a hug.

25- A warm hello to you!

26- Welcome, friend.

27- Come on in!

28- We’re glad you made it.

29- You’re just in time.

30- Enjoy your stay.

31- Welcome with enthusiasm!

32- Glad you could join us.

33- Come as you are!

34- Welcome to our humble abode.

35- Feel free to look around.

36- You’re a welcomed guest.

37- We’re so glad you came.

38- Welcome to the party!

39- You made it just in time.

40- Kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

41- Glad you could make it.

42- We’ve been waiting for you.

43- You made it just in time!

44- Come join the fun.

45- Welcome with a handshake.

46- It’s wonderful to have you here.

47- Welcome with a smile!

48- We’ve been anticipating your arrival.

49- You have arrived just in time.

50- Enjoy your stay with us.

51- Welcome to the group.

52- Welcome like old friends.

53- We’re so glad you decided to join us.

54- Welcome to the club!

55- Glad to have you here!

56- We’re happy to see you again.

57- Come right in, the water’s fine!

58- A warm welcome awaits you.

59- Glad to have you on board.

60- Welcome, weary traveler!

61- You bring joy with your presence.

62- We’ve been looking forward to seeing you.

63- What a pleasant surprise!

64- Let the good times roll!

65- You’re in the right place.

66- Welcome to paradise!

67- Welcome with open arms.

68- So glad you decided to come.

69- Your presence is a pleasure.

70- We’ve been expecting you!

71- Enter and be merry.

72- We’re so glad you stopped by.

73- Welcome to our humble home.

74- Make yourself at home!

75- Glad you could join the fun.

76- All are welcome here!

77- Your arrival is celebrated.

78- Welcome with a song!

79- Come join in the festivities.

80- Welcome to our world!

81- How wonderful to have you here.

82- Please make yourself comfortable.

83- Welcome with a warm embrace.

84- Come one, come all!

85- We’re so happy you’re here.

86- Welcome with a big hug!

87- Welcome to the team!

88- You’re in for a treat.

89- Join us in celebrating your arrival.

90- Welcome with open hearts!

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Romantic Ways to Say Welcome

1- You make everything brighter just by being around.

2- I’m so glad you’re here; the place just lit up when you walked in.

3- I’m thrilled to have you here with me.

4- You’ve been on my mind since I heard you were visiting.

5- Welcome, it’s so nice to finally see you in person!

6- It’s like a dream come true having you here.

7- I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long!

8- It’s an honor to finally spend time with you.

9- Welcome, my heart is so full now that you’re here.

10- Your presence is such a blessing.

11- You make me feel so lucky to have you here.

12- I’m beaming with joy that you’re finally here.

13- Welcome, my day is infinitely brighter now that you’re here.

14- Your smile lights up the room.

15- I’m so glad our paths crossed today.

16- Let me show you how happy I am that you’re here.

17- How wonderful it is to finally meet you!

18- You make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

19- An angel just arrived in the room… it’s you!

20- I’m beyond excited to have you here with me.

21- Your love and presence fills the room.

22- Welcome, you bring so much joy with you.

23- I’m in awe of your beauty and grace.

24- I’m blessed that our paths have finally crossed.

25- Welcome to the best day of my life!

26- It’s a pleasure having you here with us.

27- I could feel your warmth and energy before you even arrived.

28- What a beautiful sight you make!

29- Welcome, you take my breath away.

30- It’s like the heavens opened up and sent you to me!

Romantic Ways to Say Welcome

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