30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Tired

Funny Ways to Say I’m Tired

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say I’m Tired:

  1. Zombies look sprightlier than me right now.
  2. Eyelids feel like they’re playing tug-of-war… and losing.
  3. If yawning were a sport, I’d be an Olympian.
  4. Caffeine, I summon thee!
  5. Bed is calling me like a siren at sea.
  6. Brain’s gone into low-power mode.
  7. Eyelashes suddenly weigh about 10 pounds each.
  8. Someone’s deflated my energy balloon!
  9. Running on empty, and I’m not talking about my car.
  10. I’ve joined the Sleepyhead Society, are you a member?
  11. Napping isn’t a hobby; it’s a calling.
  12. Dreamland’s got a VIP spot reserved for me.
  13. Slumber’s knocking, and I’m answering.
  14. Snuggle-time with my pillow is overdue.
  15. Energy’s playing hide and seek, and I’m not it.
  16. Drowsiness set its alarm for now, apparently.
  17. Out of juice, need a recharge.
  18. Midnight called, it wants its moon back.
  19. Feeling like a sloth in a marathon.
  20. Sandman’s throwing a party, and I’m the guest of honor.
  21. Restfulness is my current magnetic north.
  22. Hibernate mode: Activated.
  23. Plugging into dream charger ASAP!
  24. Bed gravity is especially strong today.
  25. Reservations for Sleepville confirmed for right now.
  26. Ready to embrace the art of horizontal living.
  27. Snooze button is my spirit animal today.
  28. Moonbeams are luring me to la-la land.
  29. Batteries are blinking red.
  30. Dreams are tapping on my window; gotta let them in!


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