30 Funny Ways to Say It’s Cold

30 Funny Ways to Say It’s Cold

Below are 30 Funny Ways to Say It’s Cold:

  1. It’s so cold, I saw a polar bear buying a jacket!
  2. Brrr! I’m shivering like a penguin in a bikini.
  3. It’s colder than a snowman’s nose out here.
  4. I think I just saw Frosty the Snowman applying for a job!
  5. I need more layers than an onion.
  6. It’s so cold, even Elsa would say ‘Let it go!’
  7. It’s so cold that my shadow’s wearing a sweater.
  8. My teeth are chattering so much they could start their own podcast.
  9. Is it cold or did the sun just take a personal day?
  10. I’ve turned into a human popsicle.
  11. I feel like I’ve been put on ‘ice mode’.
  12. If I was any colder, I’d be in hibernation mode.
  13. I can’t feel my fingers. I think they migrated south for the winter.
  14. It’s so cold, the squirrels are throwing blankets on their nuts!
  15. I think the air just bit me!
  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if icicles start growing on my nose.
  17. I bet the snowman’s dreaming of a beach vacation right now.
  18. Mother Nature’s got her AC turned up too high!
  19. I think the thermometer just applied for early retirement.
  20. Cold? It’s like the freezer’s revenge out here!
  21. It’s so cold, I’m expecting penguins to start marching by any second.
  22. It’s so cold out, coffee sounds like a good idea for its warmth rather than the caffeine.
  23. Someone tell Winter we got the point!
  24. Winter called, and it’s not leaving any time soon!
  25. It’s colder than a witch’s elbow.
  26. It’s colder than my freezer’s feelings out here.
  27. I saw a snowflake and now I need hot cocoa.
  28. It’s so cold, ice cubes are jealous.
  29. My goosebumps have goosebumps!
  30. I’m not cold. I’m thermally challenged!


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Funny Ways to Say It's Cold