100+ Flirty & Funny Ways To Say Hello

Funny Ways To Say Hello

1- Hiya, sunshine!

2- Yo, wassup buttercup?

3- Hey there, rockstar!

4- Greetings, earthling!

5- Hi, hi, hi-de-ho!

6- Heyo, hot tamale!

7- Salutations, silly goose!

8- Hey, hey, hey there!

9- Howdy-doody, pumpkin pie!

10- Hello, gorgeous!

11- Hiya, smarty pants!

12- What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

13- Aloha, pineapple head!

14- Hey there, handsome!

15- Hi there, unicorn lover!

16- Hola, cutie pie!

17- Hey, sweet cheeks!

18- Hiya, champ!

19- Konnichiwa, ninja warrior!

20- Heyo, boss lady!

21- Hello, magnificent human being!

22- Greetings, Jedi master!

23- Hey, cupcake!

24- Hiya, superhero!

25- What’s shakin’, bacon?

26- Hey there, pumpkin spice!

27- Salutations, magical unicorn!

28- Hello, silly billy!

29- Hi there, sunshine in human form!

30- Heyo, queen of everything!

31- Greetings, wizard of awesomeness!

32- Yo, cookie dough!

33- Hiya, rainbow warrior!

34- Hey there, disco ball!

35- Hola, taco supreme!

36- Aloha, beach bum!

37- Heyo, troublemaker!

38- Hi there, fashionista!

39- Hello, wild thing!

40- Hey, party animal!

41- Hiya, sassy pants!

42- Salutations, happy camper!

43- Hey there, ray of sunshine!

44- Hi there, giggles!

45- Yo, pizza lover!

46- Greetings, game changer!

47- Heyo, fun size!

48- Hi there, star player!

49- Hello, pineapple upside-down cake!

50- Hey, unicorn of the sea!

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Flirty Ways To Say Hello

1- Hey there, you look gorgeous!

2- Is it hot in here or is it just you?

3- Hi, you must be someone special.

4- I think you’re really attractive.

5- Hey there cutie!

6- Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?

7- Hi, I just wanted to let you know how cute you are.

8- Wow, you look stunning tonight!

9- Hey, you’re the prettiest girl in the room.

10- Hi, what kind of trouble are you looking for?

11- Hello beautiful!

12- Hey, I was wondering if you’d like to get coffee sometime?

13- Just wanted to say hello and share this smile with you!

14- May I have this dance?

15- Hey, you look like a lot of fun.

16- You are so cute, I just had to say hi!

17- Hiya cutie pie!

18- Hi there gorgeous.

19- I think we should get to know each other better.

20- Hi there, it’s nice to meet you.

21- Hey, I just wanted to tell you how amazing you look.

22- You’re so charming!

23- Hi, do I know you?

24- Howdy Partner!

25- Greetings and salutations!

26- Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room.

27- What’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this?

28- Hi there, wanna go on an adventure with me?

29- Hi, I hope you don’t mind me saying so, but you’re so cute!

30- Hello, I had to come over and say Hi!

31- Hi there lovely.

32- Hey, do you believe in love at first sight?

33- I’ve been looking for someone like you all my life.

34- Wanna grab a drink sometime?

35- Howdy sweetheart!

36- Hey there, I’m glad you’re here!

37- Hiya gorgeous!

38- Hi beautiful, how are you doing today?

39- Hey cutie, what’s up?

40- Hello sunshine!

41- Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that you look stunning.

42- Hey, I’ve been wanting to talk with you all night.

43- Hi there, I think it’s time we start talking!

44- Hi, what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?

45- Hey, I just had to tell you how gorgeous you look tonight.

46- Hey there, can I get your number?

47- Hi lovely, how have you been?

48- Hi beautiful, it’s nice to meet you.

49- Hello there, do you come here often?

50- Hi, I think you and I could be really good friends.

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Flirty Ways to say Hello


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