70+ Funny Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush

Ah, the feeling of seeing someone we have a crush on. That exciting mix of anticipation and nervousness can be overwhelming… but it doesn’t mean you can’t find some fun ways to greet your crush! From subtle compliments to bold puns, there are plenty of unique and humorous opportunities to say hello that will make your crush smile — or at least laugh— in delight.

Whether you’re about to face them for the first time or looking for something new after months of talking, let this blog post provide you with some creative approaches to greeting your amoré!

Funny Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush

1- Hiya stranger, wanna be my friend?

2- Hey cutie, how have you been?

3- What’s shakin’ bacon?

4- Hiya beautiful, what brings you my way?

5- What’s up buttercup?

6- Wanna grab some coffee and chat?

7- Yo hottie, what’s up with you?

8- Hiya cutie pie, ready for a surprise?

9- Hey gorgeous, feeling adventurous today?

10- Hey there, miss me?

11- Hiya sunshine, feeling lucky today?

12- Sup cutie, wanna hang out and watch a movie?

13- Hey dreamboat, ready for a good time?

14- What’s up sweet cheeks, care to join me for dinner?

15- Hey there cutie, wanna go for a walk?

16- Hiya handsome, ready for some fun?

17- What’s up stud muffin, fancy meeting you here?

18- Hey hottie, what’s the plan tonight?

19- Howdy love bug, feeling chatty?

20- How’s it going cutie, got any plans for the weekend?

21- Hiya handsome, wanna go out to lunch?

22- Sup gorgeous, you look lovely today.

23- Hey there sweetheart, care for a hug?

24- What’s up hun, feeling flirty today?

25- Hey there stud, care for a stroll in the park?

26- Hiya cutie patootie, ready to have some fun?

27- Howdy handsome, wanna hang out sometime?

28- What’s shakin’ good lookin’, you look amazing today.

29- Hey there babe, what are you up to?

30- Hiya there gorgeous, wanna grab a bite to eat?

31- Wazzzup cutie pie, how have you been?

32- What’s poppin’ beautiful, feeling adventurous?

33- Sup cutie, wanna go out and have some fun?

34- Hey hottie, how about a date tonight?

35- Hiya gorgeous, care to share a laugh with me?

36- How’s it going sweetheart, fancy taking a walk?

37- Hey there sugar, feeling lucky?

38- Hiya cutie, ready to kick back and relax?

39- Howdy handsome, wanna join me for dinner?

40- What’s up sweet cheeks, looking for a good time?

41- Yo gorgeous, fancy meeting you here?

42- Hiya love bug, care for a drink?

43- Hey there cutie, wanna come over and watch a movie?

44- Sup stud muffin, you look amazing today.

45- Wazzzup beautiful, care for some company?

46- How’s it going hottie, feeling chatty?

47- Hiya there hun, you look lovely today.

48- What’s up buttercup, wanna do something crazy tonight?

49- Hey gorgeous, wanna go for a drive?

50- Howdy dreamboat, feel like taking a chance on me

Funny Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush Funny Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush 2

Flirty ways to say hello

1- Hi there, care for some company?

2- Sup hottie, feeling flirty today?

3- Howdy handsome, wanna go for a walk?

4- What’s up stud, ready for a good time?

5- Hiya cutie pie, care for some chocolate?

6- Hey gorgeous, ready to have some fun tonight?

7- Wazzzup dreamboat, you looking for a date?

8- Hiya there beautiful, feeling lucky today?

9- Hey hottie, wanna join me for dinner?

10- How’s it going cutie, care for some coffee?

11- What’s up stud muffin, up for a movie night?

12- Hey there hun, wanna share a laugh with me?

13- Hiya sweetheart, feeling adventurous today?

14- Howdy love bug, fancy meeting you here?

15- Wazzzup buttercup, care for a hug?

16- Hey gorgeous, got any plans for the weekend?

17- Hiya there sugar, care for some company?

18- What’s up cutie patootie, wanna go out and have some fun?

19- Hey hottie, fancy taking a chance on me?

20- Howdy sweet cheeks, what brings you my way?

Flirty Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush

Cool ways to say hi in text


2- What’s up!

3- Wassup

4- Yo

5- Hey there!

6- Hiya

7- Salutations!

8- Hey, what’s new?

9- Greetings and salutations!

10- Heyo

11- How’s it going?

12- Hi!

13- Heyyyy

14- Sup

15- What’s shaking?

16- How have you been?

17- Good morning!

18- Hey friends!

19- What’s good?

20- Bonjour!

Cool Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush

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Funny Ways to Say Hi To Your Crush