Formal and Informal Words List in English (+PDF)

Language, being a vital tool for communication, reflects the nuances of various social scenarios we find ourselves in. From formal boardroom discussions to casual chats by the coffee machine, the tone and terms we use can significantly differ.

Mastering the art of switching between formal and informal lexicons is essential for effective communication, ensuring both clarity and congeniality.

To aid in honing this skill, we have compiled a comprehensive list of words and phrases categorized under formal and informal usage.

Whether you are penning a professional report, drafting an email to a colleague, or engaging in daily dialogues, having a robust vocabulary to draw from is invaluable.

In this blog post, we delve into an extensive collection of formal and informal words, enriching your English language repertoire.

The curated list is also available for download as a PDF, providing a handy reference at your fingertips.

As we explore these terms, you’ll discover the subtleties that can make your communication more precise and appropriate for different settings.

So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey that promises to refine your verbal and written interactions.

What are Formal and Informal Words?

Formal Language is like a formal dress, in formal language you have to be careful with words, and you have to choose words with respect.

You cannot use the word ‘Ask’ in formal language because it is an informal word. You have to be a bit polite in formal language and vocabulary words, rather you can use ‘Inquire’ which is more formal than ‘ask’.

Informal Language is the language you speak with your friend’s circle. It is used in conversation with your family and friends, informal words are also respectful words, but they are less polite as compared to formal words.

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Formal and Informal Words List in English

Common Formal and Informal Words

Venturing into the linguistic landscape, we first encounter common words that wear formal and informal hats. This section unveils these versatile words, easing your journey across professional and casual dialogues.

Informal Formal
A Bit A Little
A Lot Of Numerous
Afraid Fearful
Again & Again Repeatedly
Also In Addition, Additionally
Also In Addition,
Anyway Nevertheless
Ask Enquire
Ask For Request
Ask Out Invite
At First Initially
At Once Immediately
Avoid Evade
Away Absent
Bad Negative
Beat Up Assault
Better Improved
Big/Large Enormous
Block Undermine
Blow Up Explode
Book Reserve
Boss Employer
Brave Courageous
Break Down Fail/Collapse
Break Off Suspend/Adjourn
Break Out Erupt
Bright/Smart Intelligent
Bring In Introduce
Build Construct
But However
Buy Purchase
By By Means Of
Call Off Cancel
Call On Visit
Can Is Capable Of
Catch Up Understand
Chance Opportunity
Cheap Inexpensive
Check Verify
Childish Infantile
Choose Select
Clear Transparent
Climb Ascend
Clothes Garment
Come After Follow
Come In Enter
Come Up To Reach/Attain
Complex Convoluted
Dad Father
Danger Peril
Dare Challenge
Deal With Handle
Death Demise
Describe Depict
Dim Indistinct
Dirty/Polluted Contaminated
Drop Out Of Withdraw (From)
Eager Avid
Ease Facilitate
Empty Vacant
End Terminate/Finish
Enjoyment Gratification
Enough Sufficient
Expect Anticipate
Explain Disclose
Fall Out Quarrel
Fight Combat
Find Out Learn/Discover
Fork Out Pay (Money)
Free Release
Friendly Amiable
Funny Humorous, Amusing
Get Receive
Get Away Elude
Get By Survive
Get Out Escape
Give Provide
Give Out Distribute
Give Up Quit
Go Depart
Go After Pursue
Go Against Oppose
Go Ahead Proceed
Go Away Leave/ Depart
Go Before Precede
Go Down Decrease
Go On Continue
Go Out Of Exit
Go Through Examine
Go Up Increase
Good Positive
Good For Beneficial
Good Looking Attractive
Happy Pleased
Help Aid/ Assist
Here Present
Hit Out At Criticise
Hopeless Futile
Hungry Famished
Hurry Haste, Hasten
Hurt Damage
Idea Notion
Imagine Envisage
In Charge Of Responsible
In The End Finally
Iron Out Solve/Overcome
Job Occupation
Keep Preserve
Kidding Jesting
Kids Children
Lack Deficiency
Laid Back Relaxed
Lead To Cause
Leave Out Omit
Let Allow
Let Permit
Link Up Connect
Live Reside
Lively Energetic
Look At Regard
Look For Seek
Look Into Investigate
Look Like Resemble
Look Up To Respect
Lucky Fortunate
Mad Insane
Mainly Principally
Make Out Discern
Make Up Invent
Marvelous Exceptional
Maybe Perhaps
Mend Repair
Naked Nude
Need Request
Need Require
Next/Later Subsequently
Okay, Ok Acceptable
Old Elderly
Older Senior
Over At An End
Pay Back Repay
Pick Up Collect
Pin Down Determine
Point Out Indicate
Put In Insert
Put Off Postpone
Put Up With Tolerate
Rack Up Accumulate
Really Big Considerable
Refer To Consult
Remove Eliminate
Rich Wealthy
Right Correct
Round Circular
Say Express
Say No Reject
Say Sorry Apologise
See Observe
Seem Appear
Set Out Display
Set Up Establish
Settle For Choose
Shorten Decrease
Show Demonstrate
Sick Ill
Sight Vision
Small Diminutive
So Therefore
Speed Up Accelerate
Start/ Begin Commence
Stop Cease
Stubborn Obstinate
Sweat Perspiration
Take Out Remove
Talk About Discuss/Consider
Talk Into Persuade
Tell Inform
Test Experiment
Thanks Gratitude
Think About Consider
Think Of Conceive
Throw Away Discard
Throw Out Eject
Tired Exhausted/ Fatigued
Tough Difficult
Try Endeavour
Try Out Test
Use Utilize
Use/Eat Consume
Wait For Await
Whole Entire/Complete
Wood Timber
Worse Inferior
Wrong Incorrect
Young Youthful

Formal and Informal Verbs

Verbs, the action heroes of our sentences, come next. Our compilation of formal and informal verbs is designed to empower your language, ensuring each action lands with the intended impact.

Informal Formal
Ask Enquire
Check Verify
Tell Inform
Need Require
Start Commence
End Conclude
Get Obtain
Give Provide
Help Assist
Show Demonstrate
Tell Inform
Try Attempt
Use Utilize
Want Desire
Wait Await
Buy Purchase
Say State
Leave Depart
Fix Repair
Think Consider
Go Proceed
Know Recognize
Guess Estimate
Look Observe
Make Create
Put Place
Run Operate
Send Transmit
Build Construct
Find Discover

Formal and Informal Nouns

Nouns are the cornerstone of clarity in communication. Delve into our curated list of formal and informal nouns that ensure your message stands tall in any scenario.

Informal Formal
Info Information
Ad Advertisement
Bike Bicycle
Doc Document
Tv Television
Fridge Refrigerator
Pics Pictures
Lab Laboratory
Phone Telephone
Cab Taxi
Movie Film
Net Internet
Dad Father
Mom Mother
Kid Child
Cop Police officer
Auto Automobile
Exam Examination
Gym Gymnasium
Zoo Zoological park
App Application
Math Mathematics
Chem Chemistry
Bio Biology
Prof Professor
Rep Representative
Tech Technician
Vet Veterinarian

Formal and Informal Adjectives

As we venture further, adjectives are our next stop. These descriptive darlings have the power to color your narrative, and our list will guide you on when to keep it formal and when to let it loose.

Informal Formal
Cheap Inexpensive
Tasty Delicious
Old Elderly
Sick Ill
Cozy Comfortable
Quick Rapid
Smart Intelligent
Tough Difficult
Neat Orderly
Rich Wealthy
Cool Agreeable
Hot Spicy
Fast Speedy
Funny Humorous
Mad Insane
Dirty Unclean
Tired Fatigued
Happy Content
Sad Despondent
Shiny Lustrous
Big Large
Small Diminutive
Bright Vivid
Dark Obscure
Clean Sanitary
Pretty Attractive
Ugly Unattractive
Young Youthful
Old Elderly

Formal and Informal Slang

Slang, the spice of conversation, comes with its own set of formal and informal flavors. Explore our collection to master the art of spicing up conversations while keeping it classy or casual.

Informal Formal
Bucks Dollars
Cop Police officer
Doc Doctor
Bro Brother
Chick Young woman
Dude Man
Veggies Vegetables
Kicks Shoes
Shades Sunglasses
Chill Relax
Crash Sleep
Buzzed Intoxicated
Nuts Crazy
Yap Talk
Guts Courage
Preggo Pregnant
Snail mail Postal mail
Vino Wine
Grub Food
Threads Clothes
Whip Car
Flick Movie
Gigs Jobs
Shades Sunglasses
Booze Alcohol
Moolah Money
Kiddo Child
Zonked Exhausted
Jitters Nervousness

Formal and Informal Abbreviation

Abbreviations are the compact carriers of meaning. Our section on formal and informal abbreviations is your go-to guide for keeping your messages crisp, clear, and apt for the occasion.

Informal Formal
Asap As soon as possible
Diy Do it yourself
Tba To be announced
Rsvp Please respond
Faq Frequently asked questions
Eta Estimated time of arrival
Fyi For your information
Eod End of day
B2b Business to business
B2c Business to consumer
Hr Human resources
Pr Public relations
Id Identification
Misc. Miscellaneous
Inc. Incorporated
Jr. Junior
Pa Personal assistant
Pto Paid time off
R&d Research and development
Vip Very important person
Tbd To be determined
Aka Also known as
Iq Intelligence quotient
Ad Anno domini
Bc Before christ
Am Ante meridiem
Pm Post meridiem

Business Formal and Informal Words

In the business arena, the right words can open doors. Traverse through our list of business-centric formal and informal words to navigate the corporate communication maze with ease.

Informal Formal
Boss Supervisor
Help out Assist
Get together Meeting
Hire Employ
Fire Terminate
Chat Consultation
Pay Compensation
Job Position
Team Department
Deal Agreement
Sign up Register
Feedback Evaluation
Raise Salary increase
Perks Benefits
Rules Regulations
Workshop Seminar
Talk Presentation
Office Workplace
Coworkers Colleagues
Workload Assignment
Desk Workstation
Setup Arrangement
Goal Objective
Check Review
Update Modify
Join Participate
Problem Issue

Academic Formal and Informal Words

The academic sphere has its own lexicon of formal and informal words. Our curated list is your compass to academic eloquence, bridging the formal-informal divide seamlessly.

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Informal Formal
Kids Students
Teacher Instructor
Principal Headmaster
Homework Assignment
Fail Unsuccessful
Pass Successful
Study Research
Class Lecture
School Institution
Learn Educate
Test Examination
Cheat Academic dishonesty
Skip Absent
Expel Dismiss
Punish Discipline
Subject Discipline
Help Tutor
Report Dissertation
Grad Graduate
Dropout Non-completer
Write Compose
Math Mathematics
Science Scientific study
History Historical study
Read Analyze
Group Cohort

Social Formal and Informal Words

Social interactions are a playground of formal and informal words. Our compilation enriches your social vocabulary, ensuring you strike the right chord in every interaction.

Informal Formal
Hang out Socialize
Buddy Friend
Party Gathering
Eat Dine
Drink Beverage
Sleep Rest
Fun Entertainment
Laugh Amusement
Cry Weep
Chat Conversation
Gift Present
Invite Invitation
Clothes Apparel
Shoes Footwear
Shop Purchase
Pics Photographs
Movie Cinema
Music Musical composition
Dance Performance
Sing Vocalize
Play Engage
Run Jog
Game Recreational activity
Chill Relax
Travel Journey

British, & American Formal and Informal Words

Crossing the Atlantic, we dive into the British and American formal and informal words. This section is your linguistic passport to transatlantic communication, embracing the rich diversity in English language usage.

American English British English  
Informal Informal Formal Words
Dude Mate Associate/Colleague
Y’all Lads Everyone/All
Trash Rubbish Waste/Rubbish
Fries Chips Hot Chips
Cookie Biscuit Biscuit
Sneakers Trainers Athletic Footwear
Hood Bonnet (of a car) Engine Compartment
Trunk Boot (of a car) Car Boot
Apartment Flat Apartment/Flat
Gas Petrol Fuel/Petrol
Diaper Nappy Nappy/Infant Undergarment
Candy Sweets Confectionery
Sidewalk Pavement Footpath
Zucchini Courgette Courgette
Eggplant Aubergine Aubergine
Faucet Tap Tap
Flashlight Torch Torch
Bangs Fringe Fringe
Subway Underground Rail System
Attorney Solicitor/Barrister Solicitor/Lawyer


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