20 Expressions Related to Walking Somewhere

Walking is more than just a form of physical activity; it’s woven into the very fabric of our language. We use various expressions and idioms related to walking to describe everything from casual strolls to major life changes. These phrases enrich our conversations, painting vivid pictures of our actions and intentions. Here, we explore 20 popular expressions that capture different aspects of walking, each packed with cultural and linguistic flavor.

Expressions Related to Walking Somewhere

1. Take a hike

Meaning: Go away, often used in frustration.

Example: Annoyed, she told him to take a hike.

2. Walk the talk

Meaning: To do what one says one will do.

Example: He really walks the talk when it comes to fairness.

3. Walk of life

Meaning: A person’s occupation or position within society.

Example: People from every walk of life attended the concert.

4. Walk on air

Meaning: To feel very happy.

Example: She was walking on air after getting the job offer.

5. Walk in the park

Meaning: Something very easy to do.

Example: The exam was a walk in the park.

6. Walk someone off their feet

Meaning: To make someone very tired by making them walk too much.

Example: The tour was so long, it walked us off our feet.

7. Walk into a trap

Meaning: To get into a difficult situation because one was not careful.

Example: He walked right into a trap set by the swindlers.

8. Walk on eggshells

Meaning: To be extremely cautious about one’s actions or words.

Example: I’m walking on eggshells around him since the argument.

9. Walk away from

Meaning: To leave a situation or relationship.

Example: She decided to walk away from her high-stress job.

10. Walk the plank

Meaning: To be forced to accept the consequences, often used humorously.

Example: He felt like he was walking the plank when he entered his boss’s office.

11. Walk into the lion’s den

Meaning: To enter a dangerous or challenging situation knowingly.

Example: Going to that meeting alone was like walking into the lion’s den.

12. Walk the line

Meaning: To maintain a balanced and safe course of action.

Example: He walks the line between being assertive and being aggressive.

13. Walk on thin ice

Meaning: To be in a risky situation.

Example: She’s walking on thin ice with her constant lateness.

14. Walk back something

Meaning: To retract or withdraw a statement.

Example: He had to walk back his earlier comments during the press conference.

15. Walk down memory lane

Meaning: To reminisce about the past.

Example: Looking through the photo album, they took a walk down memory lane.

16. Walk someone through something

Meaning: To guide someone step by step through a process.

Example: Can you walk me through the steps of this recipe?

17. Walk out on someone

Meaning: To suddenly leave someone when they need you.

Example: He walked out on the team when they needed him the most.

18. Walk up a storm

Meaning: To engage in a long and enthusiastic discussion while walking.

Example: We walked up a storm during our hike.

19. Walk into a buzzsaw

Meaning: To encounter unexpected and severe opposition or trouble.

Example: He walked into a buzzsaw with his controversial proposal.

20. Walk off with something

Meaning: To steal something.

Example: Someone walked off with her umbrella.

Expressions Related to Walking Somewhere