Learn 20 Expressions Related to Tradition

Traditions play a vital role in shaping our cultures and identities. They connect us to our heritage and provide a sense of continuity and belonging. In this blog post, we will explore 20 expressions related to tradition that enrich our understanding and appreciation of these customs.

1. Handed Down

Meaning: Passed through generations
Example: This recipe was handed down from my grandmother.

2. Old School

Meaning: Traditional methods
Example: He prefers the old school way of farming.

3. Pass the Torch

Meaning: Transfer responsibility
Example: She will pass the torch to her daughter.

4. Stick to Tradition

Meaning: Follow customs
Example: They stick to tradition during holidays.

5. Time-Honored

Meaning: Respected by tradition
Example: This is a time-honored family ritual.

6. Pay Homage

Meaning: Show respect
Example: They pay homage to their ancestors yearly.

7. Follow Suit

Meaning: Imitate actions
Example: The younger members follow suit in traditions.

8. Rooted in Tradition

Meaning: Based on customs
Example: Their practices are deeply rooted in tradition.

9. Uphold Tradition

Meaning: Maintain customs
Example: They uphold tradition despite modernization.

10. Take After

Meaning: Resemble family traits
Example: He takes after his father in celebrating.

11. Pass On

Meaning: Transmit knowledge
Example: She will pass on her skills to her children.

12. Keep Alive

Meaning: Preserve customs
Example: They keep the old stories alive.

13. Carry On

Meaning: Continue customs
Example: She will carry on the family tradition.

14. Honor Tradition

Meaning: Respect customs
Example: They honor tradition with annual feasts.

15. Custom-Made

Meaning: Tailored to tradition
Example: The dress was custom-made for the festival.

16. Age-Old

Meaning: Very old
Example: These age-old traditions are still practiced today.

17. Live Up To

Meaning: Meet expectations
Example: They live up to their family traditions.

18. Steeped In Tradition

Meaning: Deeply involved
Example: The town is steeped in tradition.

19. Hand Over

Meaning: Give responsibility
Example: The festival responsibilities were handed over.

20. Call to Mind

Meaning: Remember
Example: These songs call to mind old traditions.

Expressions Related to Tradition