Learn 20 Expressions Related to Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of all relationships, whether personal, professional, or social. This blog post explores 20 expressions that embody the concept of trust, providing insight into how they are used in everyday language. Each expression is accompanied by a concise definition and a practical example, enhancing your understanding and usage of these trust-related phrases.

1. Give the benefit of the doubt

Meaning: Assume trustworthiness
Example: Even though her story sounded odd, I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

2. Take at face value

Meaning: Accept as true
Example: He’s sincere, so take his words at face value.

3. Keep one’s word

Meaning: Honor promises
Example: He always keeps his word, so I trust him completely.

4. Seal of approval

Meaning: Show of trust
Example: The project had her seal of approval.

5. Stand by someone

Meaning: Remain loyal
Example: He stood by me during tough times.

6. Open book

Meaning: Fully transparent
Example: I’m an open book to my team.

7. Show one’s true colors

Meaning: Reveal real self
Example: She showed her true colors in the crisis.

8. Under someone’s wing

Meaning: Protected, guided
Example: He took her under his wing at work.

9. Build bridges

Meaning: Enhance relationships
Example: He builds bridges to foster trust among colleagues.

10. Burn bridges

Meaning: Destroy relationships
Example: He didn’t mean to burn bridges with his comments.

11. Bind someone to

Meaning: Commit trustfully
Example: This contract binds us to our promise.

12. Count on someone

Meaning: Rely on
Example: You can always count on her in emergencies.

13. Keep someone in the loop

Meaning: Keep informed
Example: Keep everyone in the loop to maintain trust.

14. Lay one’s cards on the table

Meaning: Be open and honest
Example: Let’s lay our cards on the table to build trust.

15. Have someone’s back

Meaning: Support loyally
Example: Don’t worry; I’ve got your back no matter what.

16. Take under one’s wing

Meaning: Protect and guide
Example: The manager took the new hire under his wing.

17. A leap of faith

Meaning: Trust without evidence
Example: Joining the startup was a leap of faith.

18. Put stock in

Meaning: Trust or believe in
Example: I put a lot of stock in her advice.

19. Bridge the gap

Meaning: Reduce differences
Example: This agreement will bridge the gap between our teams.

20. Turn the tide

Meaning: Change the situation
Example: His decision turned the tide in our favor.

Expressions Related to Trust