Learn 20 Expressions Related to Restriction

In everyday conversations, we often need to discuss limits and restrictions. Whether you’re talking about rules, regulations, or personal boundaries, having a variety of expressions can enhance your communication skills. Here are 20 expressions related to restriction, each with a brief meaning and an example sentence.

1. Bend the Rules

Meaning: Slightly alter the rules.
Example: He bent the rules to help her.

2. By the Book

Meaning: Follow rules exactly.
Example: She does everything by the book.

3. Cut Corners

Meaning: Do something in the easiest way.
Example: They cut corners to save time.

4. Draw the Line

Meaning: Set a limit.
Example: I draw the line at lying.

5. Follow Suit

Meaning: Do the same.
Example: She followed suit and left early.

6. Keep in Check

Meaning: Control or restrain.
Example: We must keep spending in check.

7. Lay Down the Law

Meaning: Establish rules strictly.
Example: He laid down the law at work.

8. Meet the Standards

Meaning: Reach the required level.
Example: This product meets the standards.

9. Set in Stone

Meaning: Fixed and unchangeable.
Example: The deadline is set in stone.

10. Stick to the Rules

Meaning: Follow the rules.
Example: They always stick to the rules.

11. Toe the Line

Meaning: Conform to rules.
Example: You must toe the line here.

12. Pull the Reins

Meaning: Exercise control.
Example: He pulled the reins on spending.

13. Put the Brakes On

Meaning: Slow down or stop.
Example: She put the brakes on plans.

14. Ring-Fence

Meaning: Protect for a specific purpose.
Example: Funds were ring-fenced for education.

15. Tighten the Belt

Meaning: Reduce spending.
Example: We need to tighten the belt now.

16. Clamp Down On

Meaning: Enforce rules strictly.
Example: The police clamped down on speeding.

17. Close the Door On

Meaning: Stop considering.
Example: They closed the door on that option.

18. Fence In

Meaning: Restrict movement.
Example: The garden was fenced in for safety.

19. Keep a Lid On

Meaning: Control or limit.
Example: He kept a lid on his anger.

20. Put in a Box

Meaning: Limit freedom.
Example: She felt put in a box at work.

Expressions Related to Restriction