Learn 20 Expressions Related to Guilt

Guilt is a powerful emotion that can weigh heavily on our minds. Understanding expressions related to guilt can help us better articulate our feelings and empathize with others. Here are 20 expressions to help you navigate conversations about guilt.

Expressions Related to Guilt

1. Carry a Burden

Meaning: Feel guilty
Example: He carries a burden for his past mistakes.

2. Eat Away at Someone

Meaning: Cause guilt
Example: His lie ate away at him every day.

3. Have a Conscience

Meaning: Feel responsible
Example: She couldn’t lie; she has a strong conscience.

4. Beat Yourself Up

Meaning: Blame oneself
Example: Don’t beat yourself up over the mistake.

5. On Your Conscience

Meaning: Feeling guilty
Example: The secret was always on his conscience.

6. Make Amends

Meaning: Apologize
Example: He made amends for his wrongdoings.

7. In the Doghouse

Meaning: In trouble
Example: After the incident, he’s in the doghouse.

8. Pay the Price

Meaning: Face consequences
Example: She paid the price for her actions.

9. Bear the Brunt

Meaning: Take the blame
Example: He bore the brunt of the criticism.

10. Clear the Air

Meaning: Resolve guilt
Example: They cleared the air after the argument.

11. Face the Music

Meaning: Accept punishment
Example: It’s time to face the music for lying.

12. Come Clean

Meaning: Admit guilt
Example: He finally came clean about his mistake.

13. Eat Crow

Meaning: Apologize humbly
Example: She had to eat crow and apologize.

14. Wash One’s Hands Of

Meaning: Distance from guilt
Example: He washed his hands of the affair.

15. Turn Over a New Leaf

Meaning: Change behavior
Example: She turned over a new leaf after the incident.

16. Live with It

Meaning: Accept guilt
Example: He had to live with it for years.

17. Haunt Someone

Meaning: Cause lasting guilt
Example: The accident haunted him for life.

18. Kick Yourself

Meaning: Regret
Example: He kicked himself for not apologizing.

19. Own Up To

Meaning: Admit responsibility
Example: She owned up to her mistake in the report.

20. Feel the Heat

Meaning: Experience pressure
Example: He felt the heat after the mistake was discovered.

Expressions Related to Guilt