Learn 20 Expressions Related to Future

Understanding expressions related to the future can enhance your English communication skills. This blog post will introduce you to 20 common expressions that convey future intentions, predictions, and plans. Let’s explore these useful expressions to help you sound more fluent and natural in your conversations.

1. Ahead of the curve

Meaning: Innovative, leading
Example: Their technology is ahead of the curve.

2. Around the corner

Meaning: Coming soon
Example: A new year is just around the corner.

3. Be in the pipeline

Meaning: In progress, coming
Example: New projects are in the pipeline.

4. Be on the horizon

Meaning: Likely to happen
Example: Big changes are on the horizon.

5. Down the road

Meaning: In the future
Example: We will discuss this down the road.

6. Going places

Meaning: Likely to succeed
Example: She is going places in her career.

7. In the cards

Meaning: Likely to happen
Example: A promotion is in the cards for him.

8. In the works

Meaning: In preparation
Example: New policies are in the works.

9. Just a matter of time

Meaning: Sure to happen
Example: Success is just a matter of time.

10. On the brink of

Meaning: About to happen
Example: They are on the brink of bankruptcy.

11. On the cusp of

Meaning: At the point of
Example: We are on the cusp of a breakthrough.

12. Plan ahead

Meaning: Prepare for future
Example: It’s smart to plan ahead for emergencies.

13. Play it by ear

Meaning: Be flexible
Example: We’ll play it by ear next weekend.

14. See how it pans out

Meaning: Wait to see result
Example: Let’s see how it pans out before deciding.

15. Shape up for

Meaning: Prepare for future
Example: We need to shape up for the exam.

16. Take a rain check

Meaning: Postpone
Example: I’ll take a rain check on our meeting.

17. Think ahead

Meaning: Consider future
Example: It’s important to think ahead about investments.

18. To be foreseen

Meaning: Predicted
Example: No issues to be foreseen in the project.

19. Up and coming

Meaning: Emerging, promising
Example: She is an up and coming artist.

20. Wait and see

Meaning: Be patient
Example: We’ll wait and see what happens.

Expressions Related to Future