Learn 20 Expressions Related to Loyalty

Loyalty is a valued trait in relationships, friendships, and professional settings. Understanding expressions related to loyalty can enhance your communication skills and help you convey commitment and trust. Here are 20 expressions that embody loyalty and devotion.

1. Stand by someone

Meaning: Support someone
Example: I’ll always stand by you.

2. Have someone’s back

Meaning: Protect or support
Example: I know you’ll have my back.

3. Through thick and thin

Meaning: In all situations
Example: She stayed through thick and thin.

4. Stick with someone

Meaning: Remain loyal
Example: He’ll stick with his friends.

5. In it for the long haul

Meaning: Committed long-term
Example: We’re in it for the long haul.

6. Stand the test of time

Meaning: Prove enduring
Example: Their friendship stood the test of time.

7. Go the extra mile

Meaning: Make additional effort
Example: She’ll go the extra mile for us.

8. Take a bullet for someone

Meaning: Protect at all costs
Example: He’d take a bullet for you.

9. Ride or die

Meaning: Loyal partner
Example: She’s my ride or die.

10. Stick by someone’s side

Meaning: Stay loyal
Example: He’ll stick by your side.

11. True blue friend

Meaning: Loyal and reliable
Example: He’s a true blue friend.

12. Stick it out

Meaning: Persist through difficulties
Example: We’ll stick it out together.

13. Stand firm

Meaning: Maintain loyalty
Example: I’ll stand firm with you.

14. On someone’s side

Meaning: Support someone
Example: I’ll always be on your side.

15. Hold someone dear

Meaning: Cherish or value
Example: I hold you dear to me.

16. Swear by someone

Meaning: Have complete trust
Example: I swear by his loyalty.

17. Come rain or shine

Meaning: In any circumstance
Example: She’s there come rain or shine.

18. Stand shoulder to shoulder

Meaning: Support equally
Example: We stand shoulder to shoulder.

19. Bend over backwards

Meaning: Make every effort
Example: He’ll bend over backwards for you.

20. Never let you down

Meaning: Always support
Example: I’ll never let you down.

Expressions Related to Loyalty