Learn 20 Expressions Related to Movement

Movement is a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, whether it’s physical, emotional, or social. The English language is rich with expressions and idioms that describe various types of movement, enhancing our conversations and writings. This blog post dives into 20 popular expressions related to movement, providing succinct meanings and quick examples to help you understand and use these phrases effectively in your communication.

Expressions Related to Movement

1. Move mountains

Meaning: To do the seemingly impossible.

Example: She can move mountains when she’s determined.

2. Shake things up

Meaning: To make significant changes.

Example: Let’s shake things up in our routine.

3. Get the ball rolling

Meaning: Start an activity or process.

Example: We need to get the ball rolling on this project.

4. Go with the flow

Meaning: Adapt to circumstances.

Example: Just go with the flow at the party.

5. Make headway

Meaning: To make progress.

Example: We are finally making headway on the negotiations.

6. Move up in the world

Meaning: To improve one’s social status.

Example: He’s really moved up in the world since getting that job.

7. Step up to the plate

Meaning: To take responsibility.

Example: It’s time to step up to the plate and lead the team.

8. Push the envelope

Meaning: To exceed the limits of what is normally done.

Example: She really pushed the envelope with her new design.

9. Jump on the bandwagon

Meaning: To join a popular activity or trend.

Example: Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of digital art.

10. Hit the ground running

Meaning: To start something with great enthusiasm and energy.

Example: He hit the ground running in his new role.

11. Rock the boat

Meaning: To cause disturbance.

Example: Don’t rock the boat before the negotiations.

12. Run around in circles

Meaning: To be very busy doing many things, but achieving little.

Example: We’ve been running around in circles all week.

13. Move heaven and earth

Meaning: To do everything possible.

Example: I’ll move heaven and earth to get you that job.

14. Walk on air

Meaning: To feel very happy.

Example: She was walking on air after hearing the good news.

15. March to the beat of your own drum

Meaning: To do things the way you want without considering others.

Example: He always marches to the beat of his own drum.

16. Turn the tide

Meaning: To cause a significant change in circumstances.

Example: The new evidence could turn the tide in the trial.

17. Steer clear of

Meaning: To avoid something.

Example: Steer clear of trouble during your trip.

18. On the move

Meaning: Busy or active.

Example: She’s always on the move with new projects.

19. Trailblazer

Meaning: Someone who makes a new track through wild country.

Example: He’s a trailblazer in neuroscientific research.

20. Throw someone off balance

Meaning: To confuse or surprise someone.

Example: The unexpected question threw her off balance.

Expressions Related to Movement