Learn 20 Expressions Related to Effort

Putting in effort is essential for achieving success and overcoming challenges. Whether you’re working hard at your job, studying for exams, or striving to reach a personal goal, using the right expressions can help convey your dedication and determination. Here are 20 expressions related to effort that you can use in various contexts.

1. Give it your all

Meaning: Try your best
Example: She gave it her all in the race.

2. Burn the midnight oil

Meaning: Work late into the night
Example: He burned the midnight oil studying for exams.

3. Go the extra mile

Meaning: Make additional effort
Example: She always goes the extra mile for her clients.

4. Pull out all the stops

Meaning: Make every possible effort
Example: They pulled out all the stops for the event.

5. Work your fingers to the bone

Meaning: Work extremely hard
Example: He worked his fingers to the bone on the project.

6. Put your back into it

Meaning: Use more physical effort
Example: You need to put your back into it to lift that.

7. Sweat blood

Meaning: Work very hard
Example: They sweated blood to meet the deadline.

8. Leave no stone unturned

Meaning: Try every possible way
Example: She left no stone unturned in her job search.

9. Pull your weight

Meaning: Do your fair share of work
Example: Everyone needs to pull their weight on the team.

10. Bend over backward

Meaning: Make a great effort
Example: They bent over backward to please the guests.

11. Put your heart and soul into

Meaning: Commit fully
Example: He put his heart and soul into the project.

12. Put in the hours

Meaning: Spend a lot of time working
Example: She put in the hours to complete her thesis.

13. Bust a gut

Meaning: Try extremely hard
Example: He busted a gut to finish on time.

14. Push yourself to the limit

Meaning: Use maximum effort
Example: She pushed herself to the limit during training.

15. Go all out

Meaning: Use all your effort
Example: They went all out for the competition.

16. Keep your nose to the grindstone

Meaning: Work hard and consistently
Example: He kept his nose to the grindstone all year.

17. Take pains

Meaning: Make a lot of effort
Example: She took pains to ensure accuracy.

18. Put your nose to the grindstone

Meaning: Focus and work hard
Example: You need to put your nose to the grindstone.

19. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps

Meaning: Improve by your own efforts
Example: He pulled himself up by his bootstraps after the setback.

20. Go to great lengths

Meaning: Make significant effort
Example: They went to great lengths to make it perfect.

Expressions Related to Effort