Learn 20 Expressions Related to Fame

Fame, with its allure and ubiquity in conversations about celebrities, achievements, and public life, is often described through colorful idioms and phrases. These expressions capture the various facets of being well-known and the public’s reaction to celebrities. In this blog post, we delve into 20 expressions related to fame, providing succinct definitions and examples to illustrate their usage. Whether you’re looking to enhance your vocabulary or just enjoy exploring the nuances of English expressions, these phrases offer a fascinating glimpse into the language of renown.

Expressions Related to Fame

1. Rise to Stardom

Meaning: Becoming famous.

Example: He rose to stardom after his latest movie hit.

2. Household Name

Meaning: Widely recognized by the public.

Example: She became a household name overnight.

3. Media Darling

Meaning: Favored by the media; often receives a lot of positive attention.

Example: The young singer became a media darling.

4. Public Eye

Meaning: Under constant scrutiny by the public.

Example: Living in the public eye can be stressful.

5. Limelight

Meaning: Center of public attention.

Example: He’s been in the limelight since the award.

6. Star-Studded

Meaning: Featuring many stars or celebrities.

Example: The event was star-studded.

7. Fame and Fortune

Meaning: Wealth and popularity gained through success.

Example: Many aspire to fame and fortune.

8. Flash in the Pan

Meaning: Short-lived success.

Example: Sadly, her fame was just a flash in the pan.

9. Big Break

Meaning: A sudden gain in success or popularity.

Example: His big break came with that 90s film.

10. Up-and-Coming

Meaning: Gaining fame and recognition, expected to become very successful.

Example: The up-and-coming artist is opening the show.

11. Fallen Star

Meaning: Someone who was famous but lost their popularity.

Example: The actor was a fallen star by the 2000s.

12. On the Rise

Meaning: Becoming increasingly popular or successful.

Example: Her popularity is on the rise.

13. Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Meaning: Brief period of celebrity or notoriety.

Example: He had his fifteen minutes of fame and faded away.

14. Rub Shoulders With

Meaning: Mix socially with famous people.

Example: She often rubs shoulders with celebrities.

15. Hit the Big Time

Meaning: Become successful and famous.

Example: After years of hard work, he finally hit the big time.

16. Make Headlines

Meaning: To be featured in the news prominently.

Example: She made headlines with her groundbreaking invention.

17. Born Star

Meaning: Naturally talented and destined for fame.

Example: Everyone could tell he was a born star.

18. Under the Spotlight

Meaning: Receiving a lot of public and media attention.

Example: The new CEO is under the spotlight now.

19. Break Into the Big Time

Meaning: Achieve significant success in a competitive field.

Example: She finally broke into the big time with her latest novel.

20. Name-Dropping

Meaning: Mentioning famous people one knows to impress others.

Example: He’s always name-dropping at parties.

Expressions Related to Fame