Learn 20 Expressions Related to Deception

Deception is a common theme in language, reflected in various expressions that describe deceitful behavior. Understanding these expressions can enhance your comprehension and communication skills, helping you identify and articulate situations involving deceit. Here are 20 expressions related to deception, complete with short meanings and example sentences.

1. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes

Meaning: Deceive someone.
Example: He pulled the wool over their eyes and escaped.

2. Lead someone up the garden path

Meaning: Mislead someone.
Example: She led him up the garden path with false promises.

3. Pull a fast one

Meaning: Trick someone.
Example: He tried to pull a fast one on his boss.

4. Smoke and mirrors

Meaning: Deceptive actions.
Example: Their marketing strategy was just smoke and mirrors.

5. Take for a ride

Meaning: Deceive someone.
Example: They took him for a ride with the fake deal.

6. String someone along

Meaning: Mislead over time.
Example: He strung her along with empty promises.

7. Pull the strings

Meaning: Secretly control.
Example: She was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

8. Play a double game

Meaning: Deceive both sides.
Example: He was playing a double game, betraying both teams.

9. Two-faced

Meaning: Hypocritical behavior.
Example: He was two-faced, saying one thing and doing another.

10. Throw dust in someone’s eyes

Meaning: Confuse someone.
Example: They threw dust in his eyes to hide the truth.

11. Cry wolf

Meaning: Raise false alarms.
Example: After crying wolf too often, no one believed him.

12. Pull the rug out from under

Meaning: Suddenly withdraw support.
Example: They pulled the rug out from under him without warning.

13. Be economical with the truth

Meaning: Lie or deceive.
Example: He was economical with the truth about his past.

14. Cheat on

Meaning: Betray someone.
Example: She found out he was cheating on her.

15. Con someone out of

Meaning: Deceive for gain.
Example: He conned her out of her life savings.

16. Play someone for a fool

Meaning: Treat as stupid.
Example: Don’t let them play you for a fool.

17. False pretense

Meaning: Deceptive excuse.
Example: He acted under false pretenses to get money.

18. On the sly

Meaning: Secretly.
Example: They met on the sly to discuss their plans.

19. Bluff someone

Meaning: Deceive by pretending.
Example: She bluffed her way through the interview.

20. Fake out

Meaning: Deceive or trick.
Example: He faked out his opponent with a quick move.

Expressions Related to Deception