List of British vs American Vocabulary for Education PDF

List of British vs American Vocabulary for Education PDF. Here most common vocabulary words  related to education are listed. British and American use different words for the same things. Here 26 education related vocabulary words are described that are  spoken different by americans and british guys.

British and americans follow different standards in education sector. Their course structure and the duration of attending the school and college is different. Besides this they use different vocabulary words for the terms that are used in school.  Their time span is different for education. Although both provides quality of education. But british people are more focused to their education system.

Let’s know what is the difference between the terms used by americans and british related to the school, accessories involved in school and other things relevant to education.

Does the UK or US have better education?

Both UK and US provide quality education. But the education system is in favor of students in term that their degree duration is smaller in comparison to UK. In UK a student can adopt different subjects according to his choice and there is flexibilty in opting sunjects. On the other hand the education system in US is strict and is lengthy.

In UK a student can complete Phd in 3 years and in US it took almost 5-7 years.

List of British vs American Vocabulary for Education

  1. Headmaster >>><<<<   Principal
  2. Packed Lunch >>><<<<   Sach, Bag Lunch
  3. College High School >>><<<<   High School
  4. Autumn Term >>><<<<   Fall Semester
  5. School Dinner >>><<<<   Hot Lunch
  6. Primary School >>><<<<   Elementary School
  7. Professor >>><<<<   Full Professor
  8. Maths >>><<<<   Math
  9. Spring Term >>><<<<   Spring Semester
  10. A Mark >>><<<<    A grade, Point
  11. Reception Year >>><<<<   Pre-Kindergarten
  12. Full Stop >>><<<<   Period
  13. Plimsolls >>><<<<   Gym Shoes
  14. Rubber >>><<<<   Eraser
  15. Module >>><<<<   Class
  16. Holiday >>><<<<   Vacation
  17. Exam >>><<<<   Test
  18. Open Day/ Evening >>><<<<   Open House
  19. Zed >>><<<<   Zee
  20. (Academic) Staff >>><<<<   Faculty
  21. Play, Break Time >>><<<<   Recess
  22. Staff Room >>><<<<   Teacher’s Lounge

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