Detailed List of Contractions in English Grammar

Detailed List of Contractions in English

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What are contractions? Contractions are shortened forms of words or phrases. They are common in spoken English and you will often hear them in movies and TV shows. In this article, we will look at the most common contractions in English.

He WouldHe’d
It HasIt’s
They AreThey’re
We HadWe’d
You WillYou’ll
Did NotDidn’t
I AmI’m
Must NotMustn’t
They WillThey’ll
What IsWhat’s

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You HadYou’d
Had NotHadn’t
I WouldI’d
She WillShe’ll
Was NotWasn’t
Who WillWho’ll
Are NotAren’t

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He WillHe’ll
It HasIt’s
There IsThere’s
We WouldWe’d
You HaveYou’ve
He IsHe’s
Is NotIsn’t
Should NotShouldn’t
We HaveWe’ve
Would NotWouldn’t
Have NotHaven’t
I HadI’d
She HadShe’d


We AreWe’re
Will NotWon’t
Does NotDoesn’t
I WillI’II
She HasShe’s
They HadThey’d
Who IsWho’s
Could NotCouldn’t
Here IsHere’s
It WillIt’ll
They HaveThey’ve
Were NotWeren’t
You WouldYou’d
Do NotDon’t
I HaveI’ve
She IsShe’s
They WouldThey’d
Where IsWhere’s
He HasHe’s
It IsIt’s
That IsThat’s
We WillWe’ll
You AreYou’re

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