Contractions in English sentences

Contractions in English sentences

contractions sentences

Contractions are the grammar words that are combined with a main verb to create a short form. In English, contractions are used to make speech sound more natural. For example, the word “is” can be contracted to “‘s”. Let us look at some Contractions in English sentences:

1) He Will – He’ll

He’ll play cricket.

2) She Is – She’s

She’s an actress.

3) It Is – It’s

It’s a beautiful day.

4) They Are – They’re

They’re my friends.

5) We Will – We’ll

We’ll go to the movies.

6) You Are – You’re

You’re very pretty.

7) I Am – I’m

I’m tired.

8) Do You Have – Do you’ve

Do you’ve got a cat?

9) He Could – He’d

He’d love to go.

10) I Will Not – I won’t

I won’t be late.

11) He Is Not – He isn’t

He isn’t very friendly.

12) She Is Not – She isn’t

She isn’t very nice.

13) It Is Not – It isn’t

It isn’t very big.

14) Cannot – Can’t

I can’t do it.

15) Do Not – Don’t

Don’t touch that!

16) Have Not – Haven’t

Haven’t you got a cat?

17) Is Not – Isn’t

Isn’t he a nice guy?

18) Will Not – Won’t

Won’t you help me?

19) You Are Not – You aren’t

You aren’t very friendly.

20) I Have – I’ve

I’ve got a cat.