English Contractions Chart & Table

English Contractions Chart

contractions chart

The English Contractions Chart below shows the most common contractions in English.

should notshouldn’tit isit’s
we havewe’vehere ishere’s
would notwouldn’tdo notdon’t
there isthere’shave nothaven’t
we wouldwe’dcannotcan’t
you haveyou’veshe hasshe’s
they willthey’llit hasit’s
what iswhat’sdid notdidn’t
you hadyou’ddoes notdoesn’t
she hadshe’dcould notcouldn’t
we arewe’rehe ishe’s
will notwon’thad nothadn’t
they hadthey’dhe willhe’ll
who iswho’she wouldhe’d
they wouldthey’dshe willshe’ll
where iswhere’sit willit’ll
they havethey’veit hasit’s
were notweren’tI amI’m
you wouldyou’dshe wouldshe’d
that isthat’she hashe’s
we willwe’llare notaren’t
you areyou’reI willI’II
they arethey’reI wouldI’d
we hadwe’dis notisn’t
you willyou’llI haveI’ve
was notwasn’tshe isshe’s
who willwho’llmust notmustn’t
I hadI’d