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More than 5000 English and Urdu words and meanings with their synonyms. Golden opportunity for CSS aspirants. CSS|DAWN vocabulary.

CSS Vocabulary List

CSS | Dawn Vocabulary List 1

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
101 Autonomy خودمختاری self-government
102 Autocrat خودمختار absolute ruler, dictator
103 Aural سمعی through the sense of hearing
104 Augment زیادہ کرنا increase in size or number
105 Astute ذی شعور  ,   دانش مند wise; mentally sharp
106 Ascertain معلوم کریں find out; make sure
107 Articulation بیان کرنا joining; speaking clearly; distinct
108 Archaic آثار قدیمہ old-fashioned
109 Arcane خفیہ – پوشید obscure; known only to few people
110 Arboreal درخت کی طرح٬ شجر living in trees (Root)


Important Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 2

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
111 Arbitration ثالثی mediating between disputing sides
112 Arable قابل انتظام cab be cultivated
113 Apathetic بے حس lacking energy or interest
114 Animosity عداوت hostility; hatred
115 Anachronistic زمانہ کا حساب لگانے میں غلطی out of normal time range
116 Amiable ملنسار friendly; lovable
117 Ameliorate بہتر کرنا make better; improve
118 Ambiguous مبہم vague; doubtful; equivocal
119 Amassed جمع کیا گیا Accumulated
120 Amalgam پارے کے کِسی دھات يا دھاتوں کے ساتھ مِل کَر بَنا ہُوا بھَرت Mixture


Important Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 3


Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
121 Altruism پرستی self-sacrifice
122 Alleviate کم کرنا make less serve; reduce
123 Alacrity تیزی – پھرتی speed & eagerness; promptness
124 Agnostic ملحد unsure of the existence of god
125 Affluence افزودگی wealth; opulence
126 Affability افادیت friendliness; cordiality
127 Advocate وکیل Support
128 Adulation جوش worship; great praise
129 Adroit چست skill-full
130 Acumen تدبیر sharpness of mind


Unique Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 4

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
131 Abstruse غذائیت Difficult to comprehend
132 Aberration گمراہی deviation; abnormality
133 Barrage روکنے کا عمَل Bombardment
134 Belabor خوب پیٹنا To beat soundly
135 Belied غلط ترجمانی کرنا ا Contradicted
136 Belitters بے عزتی people who criticize/disparage
137 Benevolent فائدہ مند kindly; charitable
138 Boorishness گنوار پن rudeness; ill-mannered behavior
139 Bountiful قابل قدر Generous
140 Brevity خلاصہ Briefness


Important Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 5

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
141 Bypass کسی رکاوٹ سے بچنا avoid; find a way around
142 Byzantine نہایت پیچیدہ excessive; decadent
143 Cacophony زور دار چیخ noise; din
144 Callous سخت cruel & unfeeling
145 Candid صاف گوئی truthful; straight forward
146 Capricious من موجی – ترنگ whimsical; changeable
147 Censure مذمت کرنا criticize; blame
148 Cerebral دماغی concerned with thinking
149 Circumstantial ناگوار accidental; indirect
150 Insightful بصیرت انگی perceptive; can be understood


Useful Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 6

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
161 intrigued دلچسپ interested and curious
162 Intuition اِلہام sixth sense; gut feeling
163 Invocation دعا کرنا – مدد طلب کرنا Prayer
164 Irony طنز words to convey opposite meaning
165 Irreproachable ناقابل تلافی cannot be criticized; blameless
166 Irreverence بے ادبی – بے حرمتی lack of respect
167 Jaded تھکا ماندہ tired; bored
168 Jeopardize خطرے میں ڈالنا put at risk; endanger
169 Judicious انصاف پسند fair; wise
170 Juxtaposition برابر برابر رکھنا placing two things next to each other


Important Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 7

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
171 Knack کچھ کرنے کا خاص طریقہ trick; skill
172 Lackadaisical سست lazy; careless; lax
173 Lamentable بدقسمتی – برا Regrettable
174 Languid سستی سے Lacking energy; weak
175 Lavish شاہانہ to spend freely(v); costing a lot
176 Legitimate قانونی to make legal; give approval to
177 Libelous آزاد open to prosecution for libel
178 Lithe لچکیلا flexible; supple
179 Litigious قانونی چارہ جوئی seeking legal remedies
180 Lobby دالان to try to persuade; entrance hall


Useful Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 8

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
181 Lucid قابل فہم – سمجھ آنے والا clear; explained
182 Magnanimous عالی ظرف generous minded; big-hearted
183 Mandate فرمان Permission
184 Mandatory لازمی Compulsory
185 Manifesto منشور statement of values
186 Manipulative جوڑ توڑ deceptive; skill-ful at handling people
187 Marred خراب کرنا spoiled; ruined
188 Meager معمولی small; scanty; unimportant
189 Meticulous پیچیدہ thorough; taking care of details
190 Miffed جھگڑا ہوا annoyed; vex


Unique Dawn – CSS Vocabulary list 9

Sr. No. Word Meaning Synonyms
191 Mitigate تخفیف کریں moderate; reduce intensity
192 Modicum برائے نام – تہوڑی مقدار tiny amount
193 Momentous یادگاری لمحے of great importance
194 Monotonous ایک ہی ڈھنگ dull; repetitive
195 Morbidity مریضانہ concern with death and disease
196 Motley کئی طرح کے varied; miscellaneous
197 Circumvent گھیرلینا avoid; outwit; baffle
198 Coalition مل کر ایک ہونا a union of two parts
199 Coercion زبردستی compel; force
200 Cognitions ادراک mental knowledge




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