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Kitchen Vocabulary with Pictures!  Download kitchen vocabulary pdf from the post bottom. Yet it is very important vocabulary about kitchen appliances, utensils, and other such items used in the kitchen, but by chance, if we missed something you may comment below. Kitchen vocabulary with pictures can be an interesting topic for girls.

It contains almost all the important items used in the kitchen. At the same time, It’s very interesting and helpful for housewives, especially for young girls. Hope so, you will get all the data regarding your choice. As you know the kitchen is that place where a woman spends a lot of her time. So, she should know about important terms used in a kitchen or kitchen vocabulary. However, it does not mean that a man should not learn this kitchen vocabulary rather he should also learn this vocabulary. Similarly, it helps both men and women. Kitchen vocabulary for women…

Kitchen Vocabulary and Kitchen Appliances

kitchen vocabulary words

At the same time list is given below.

  1. Electric kettle
  2. Microwave oven
  3. Toaster
  4. Dinner set
  5. Juicer
  6. Hood
  7. Coffee maker
  8. Mixer
  9. Hood
  10. Sieve
  11. Whisk
  12. Pan
  13. Colander
  14. Baking tray
  15. Teaspoon
  16. Tablespoon
  17. Roll pin
  18. Cutting board
  19. Knife
  20. Bowl
  21. Counter
  22. Jug
  23. Glass
  24. Cup
  25. Saucer
  26. Mug
  27. Teapot
  28. Plate
  29. Dish
  30. Bowl
  31. Fork
  32. Spoon

Kitchen Vocabulary Examples in English

Electric kettle

An electric kettle is a port to make tea. An electric kettle is one of the most used kitchen appliances.

Microwave oven

The oven is another most used kitchen item. We use it to bake things and for many other purposes. It is used to heat up curry and other stuff.


The toaster is used to toast.

Dinner set

The dinner set has the complete kit of the kitchen, it includes different bowls, spoons, plates, etc.


The Juicer is the device that is used to make juice of different fruits.

Coffee maker

As the name shows the coffee maker is the device that is used to make coffee very quickly.


The mix is a mixing device. It is used to mix up different curry items and to mix sugar in water.


Pan is a common kitchen item that is used to fry different things in the oil. We use the pan to make an egg.


A colander is a big pot that is used to strain different foods, like pasta and different vegetables.


Spoon is used for eating different stuff. It is a common kitchen utensil, with a shallow bowl at one end.

Cutting board

It is a kitchen utensil that is used to cut different vegetables and fruits. Just place the item on the board and cut it with a knife.


It is a kitchen utensil that is used to cut different vegetables and fruits.

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Important Kitchen appliances and items Vocabulary Pdf

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