20+ Best Words to Describe Racism, Adjectives for Racism

Racism, in simple terms, refers to the unjust treatment or discrimination against individuals based on their race or ethnicity. It is a deeply rooted problem that continues to persist in various forms across the globe. To better understand the complexities of racism, it is crucial to explore the diverse words and phrases used to describe this systemic issue. From prejudice and bigotry to racial profiling and microaggressions, these terms shed light on the harmful attitudes, behaviors, and structures that perpetuate inequality and hinder social progress. In this blog post, we will delve into the words that help articulate the multifaceted nature of racism and its detrimental impact on individuals and societies.

Adjectives for Racism

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for racism:

  1. Discriminatory
  2. Exclusionary
  3. Hateful
  4. Inequitable
  5. Intolerant
  6. Marginalizing
  7. Oppressive
  8. Prejudiced
  9. Racial
  10. Segregating
  11. Stereotyping
  12. Systemic
  13. Unfair
  14. Unjust
  15. Unyielding
  16. Xenophobic
  17. Biased
  18. Bigoted
  19. Disparaging
  20. Unequal

Words to Describe Racism with Meanings

  1. Discriminatory: Showing unfair treatment based on race.
  2. Exclusionary: Promoting segregation or isolation.
  3. Hateful: Full of intense hostility or animosity.
  4. Inequitable: Unjust and lacking fairness.
  5. Intolerant: Unable to accept diversity or differences.
  6. Marginalizing: Pushing certain groups to the outskirts.
  7. Oppressive: Imposing harsh control on specific races.
  8. Prejudiced: Holding biased beliefs against races.
  9. Racial: Relating to distinct human races.
  10. Segregating: Separating based on racial differences.
  11. Stereotyping: Generalizing and making assumptions.
  12. Systemic: Ingrained in societal structures and institutions.
  13. Unfair: Treating races with unequal standards.
  14. Unjust: Lacking fairness and impartiality.
  15. Unyielding: Showing no willingness to change.
  16. Xenophobic: Fearful or hostile towards foreigners.
  17. Biased: Favoring one race over others.
  18. Bigoted: Intolerant and prejudiced against races.
  19. Disparaging: Expressing negative opinions and criticism.
  20. Unequal: Creating disparities based on race.

Example Sentences for Racism Adjectives

  1. The company had a discriminatory hiring policy.
  2. The exclusive club remained exclusionary to minorities.
  3. His remarks were hateful and hurtful.
  4. The distribution of resources was inequitable.
  5. Her remarks were intolerant of other cultures.
  6. The policy was marginalizing certain ethnic groups.
  7. The regime imposed oppressive measures on minorities.
  8. He made prejudiced remarks about their race.
  9. The study explored racial disparities in education.
  10. The city’s zoning laws were segregating communities.
  11. Stereotyping others only perpetuates prejudice.
  12. Systemic racism requires collective action to dismantle it.
  13. The decision was unfair to minority communities.
  14. The court’s ruling was unjust and biased.
  15. The government’s stance on immigration was unyielding.
  16. Hate crimes reflect xenophobic sentiments.
  17. The media’s coverage was biased against certain groups.
  18. His bigoted views caused division and animosity.
  19. The article contained disparaging comments about immigrants.
  20. The policies had unequal impacts on different races.

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How to describe racism in writing?

Racism can be depicted as unjust treatment or discrimination based on race, perpetuating inequality and social divisions in written narratives.

Is racial an adjective or verb?

Racial is an adjective used to describe things related to distinct human races, such as racial diversity or racial discrimination.

What is the definition of racial diversity?

Racial diversity refers to the presence of various racial or ethnic groups within a particular community or organization, promoting inclusivity and representation.

Adjectives for Racism Words to Describe Racism