20+ Best Words to Describe Nose, Adjectives for Nose

The nose, an integral part of our facial structure, plays a vital role in our daily lives. It serves as the primary organ for our sense of smell, allowing us to detect and differentiate various scents. Additionally, the nose aids in the process of breathing, filtering, and moistening the air we inhale. When it comes to describing the nose, a plethora of words come to mind. From its shape and size to its functionality and aesthetic appeal, words like aquiline, petite, bulbous, elegant, and prominent can be used to vividly depict this prominent facial feature.

Adjectives for Nose

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for nose:

  1. Angular
  2. Crooked
  3. Prominent
  4. Button-like
  5. Narrow
  6. Roman
  7. Deviated
  8. Long
  9. Aquiline
  10. Petite
  11. Snub
  12. Broad
  13. Delicate
  14. Flared
  15. High-bridged
  16. Sculpted
  17. Bulbous
  18. Pointed
  19. Elegant
  20. Upturned

Adjectives for Beautiful Nose:

  1. Graceful
  2. Symmetrical
  3. Delicate
  4. Elegant
  5. Refined
  6. Sculpted
  7. Proportional
  8. Dainty
  9. Chiseled
  10. Perfectly-shaped

Adjectives for Noseless:

  1. Absent
  2. Missing
  3. Nonexistent
  4. Featureless
  5. Smooth
  6. Flat
  7. Flawless
  8. Unadorned
  9. Blank
  10. Undeveloped

Adjectives for Nose Like:

  1. Snout-like
  2. Pointed
  3. Prominent
  4. Pug-like
  5. Aquiline
  6. Bulbous
  7. Crooked
  8. Hooked
  9. Upturned
  10. Wide

Words to Describe Nose with Meanings

  1. Angular: Sharp or pointed shape.
  2. Crooked: Bent or not straight.
  3. Prominent: Noticeable or standing out.
  4. Button-like: Small and rounded.
  5. Narrow: Thin or slim.
  6. Roman: Straight and prominent bridge.
  7. Deviated: Off-center or misaligned.
  8. Long: Extended length.
  9. Aquiline: Curved or hooked like an eagle’s beak.
  10. Petite: Small and delicate.
  11. Snub: Short and turned up.
  12. Broad: Wide or spacious.
  13. Delicate: Fragile or fine in appearance.
  14. Flared: Spreading or widening outward.
  15. High-bridged: Having a tall nasal bridge.
  16. Sculpted: Well-shaped or finely crafted.
  17. Bulbous: Round or swollen in shape.
  18. Pointed: Sharp or tapered at the tip.
  19. Elegant: Graceful or refined in appearance.
  20. Upturned: Curved upward at the tip.

Example Sentences for Nose Adjectives

  1. Her angular nose gave her face a striking edge.
  2. He had a crooked nose after the accident.
  3. His prominent nose made him easily recognizable.
  4. The baby had a cute button-like nose.
  5. She had a narrow nose that suited her delicate features.
  6. The actor’s Roman nose added to his regal appearance.
  7. The deviated nose required corrective surgery.
  8. He had a long nose that stood out in a crowd.
  9. Her aquiline nose gave her an air of elegance.
  10. The model’s petite nose perfectly complemented her face.
  11. The snub nose added to his youthful charm.
  12. His broad nose gave him a strong presence.
  13. The artist delicately captured the subject’s delicate nose.
  14. The flared nose added character to his profile.
  15. Her high-bridged nose accentuated her facial features.
  16. The statue had a beautifully sculpted nose.
  17. The clown’s bulbous nose brought smiles to children’s faces.
  18. The witch had a long, pointed nose.
  19. She had an elegant nose that enhanced her beauty.
  20. The little girl’s upturned nose made her look mischievous.

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How to describe nose in writing?

In writing, you can describe a nose by highlighting its shape, size, and features, such as using adjectives like aquiline, petite, or bulbous.

What is a fancy word for big nose?

A fancy word for a big nose is “prominent” or “protruding,” emphasizing its noticeable size or prominent appearance.

What is a wavy nose called?

A wavy nose is commonly referred to as a “snub” nose, characterized by a slight curve or wave along its bridge.

Adjectives for Nose Words to Describe Nose