20+ Best Words to Describe Large, Adjectives for Large

In everyday life, we often encounter objects, places, or ideas that leave us in awe due to their sheer size. Large, as a descriptive term, captures the essence of these grandiose elements that surpass the ordinary. When we attempt to articulate the magnitude and immensity of something, we turn to words that aptly describe “large.” From colossal and massive to immense and gigantic, these words paint a vivid picture of the scale and magnitude that leaves us marveling at the vastness of the world around us.

Adjectives for Large

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for large:

  1. Ample
  2. Broad
  3. Capacious
  4. Colossal
  5. Enormous
  6. Extensive
  7. Giant
  8. Gigantic
  9. Grand
  10. Great
  11. Huge
  12. Immense
  13. Massive
  14. Mighty
  15. Oversized
  16. Spacious
  17. Substantial
  18. Tremendous
  19. Vast
  20. Wide

Adjectives for “large amount”:

  1. Abundant
  2. Copious
  3. Substantial
  4. Generous
  5. Plentiful
  6. Considerable
  7. Ample
  8. Profuse
  9. Extensive
  10. Sizeable

Adjectives for “large quantity”:

  1. Massive
  2. Sizable
  3. Excessive
  4. Significant
  5. Bountiful
  6. Staggering
  7. Prodigious
  8. Tremendous
  9. Lavish
  10. Substantial

Adjectives for “large city”:

  1. Metropolis
  2. Sprawling
  3. Bustling
  4. Cosmopolitan
  5. Vibrant
  6. Teeming
  7. Thriving
  8. Populous
  9. Urban
  10. Expansive

Words to Describe Large with Meanings

  1. Ample: plentiful or more than enough
  2. Broad: wide in extent or scope
  3. Capacious: spacious and able to hold much
  4. Colossal: extremely large or immense
  5. Enormous: exceptionally big or huge
  6. Extensive: covering a large area or range
  7. Giant: of extraordinary size or power
  8. Gigantic: extremely large in size or scale
  9. Grand: magnificent or impressive in scale
  10. Great: considerably large or significant
  11. Huge: exceedingly large or immense
  12. Immense: immeasurably large or vast
  13. Massive: extremely large or substantial
  14. Mighty: possessing great power or strength
  15. Oversized: larger than the standard size
  16. Spacious: having ample space or roomy
  17. Substantial: considerable in amount, size, or worth
  18. Tremendous: extraordinarily large or great
  19. Vast: of very great extent or size
  20. Wide: having a great extent from side to side

Example Sentences for Large Adjectives

  1. The buffet offered ample food choices for everyone.
  2. The library has a broad selection of books.
  3. The warehouse has a capacious storage area.
  4. The dinosaur skeleton in the museum is colossal.
  5. They live in an enormous mansion by the beach.
  6. The park has extensive walking trails and picnic areas.
  7. Goliath was a giant among men.
  8. The whale shark is a gigantic marine creature.
  9. The fireworks display was a grand spectacle.
  10. He has a great talent for playing the piano.
  11. The skyscraper’s lobby was huge and impressive.
  12. The mountain range offered an immense view.
  13. The construction project required massive amounts of concrete.
  14. Hercules was known for his mighty strength.
  15. The toddler wore an oversized hat on his head.
  16. The living room is spacious enough to host parties.
  17. She inherited a substantial fortune from her grandfather.
  18. The hurricane caused tremendous damage to the coastal town.
  19. The Sahara Desert is a vast expanse of sand.
  20. The bridge has a wide span, accommodating heavy traffic.

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How to describe large in writing?

Large can be described in writing using adjectives like substantial, sizable, or extensive, emphasizing the magnitude or scale of the subject.

What is a synonym for very big?

A synonym for “very big” could be “enormous,” “massive,” or “immense,” conveying an immense size or scale.

What is the adverb of large?

The adverb form of large is “largely,” which means predominantly or mostly. It describes an action or situation that is primarily or predominantly related to something of significant size or extent.

Adjectives for Large Words to Describe Large