20+ Best Words to Describe Horrible, Adjectives for Horrible

In the realm of emotions, there is one word that encapsulates an overwhelming sense of distress, fear, or disgust: horrible. The term “horrible” refers to something that is extremely unpleasant, causing a deep sense of discomfort or unease. When searching for words to describe this indescribable feeling, we delve into a realm of intense negativity. Phrases like dreadful, repulsive, terrifying, revolting, and abominable come to mind, capturing the essence of the sheer awfulness that horrible encompasses. These words provide a means to express the depth of our emotions when faced with something truly detestable.

Adjectives for Horrible

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for horrible:

  1. Abominable
  2. Appalling
  3. Atrocious
  4. Awful
  5. Deplorable
  6. Detestable
  7. Disgusting
  8. Dreadful
  9. Frightening
  10. Gruesome
  11. Hideous
  12. Loathsome
  13. Nauseating
  14. Repugnant
  15. Revolting
  16. Shocking
  17. Terrible
  18. Terrifying
  19. Unbearable
  20. Wretched

Adjectives For Horrible Person

  1. Cruel
  2. Malicious
  3. Vicious
  4. Sadistic
  5. Heartless
  6. Ruthless
  7. Diabolical
  8. Malevolent
  9. Monstrous
  10. Inhumane

Words to Describe Horrible with Meanings

  1. Abominable: Extremely hateful or detestable.
  2. Appalling: Causing shock, horror, or disgust.
  3. Atrocious: Extremely cruel, wicked, or brutal.
  4. Awful: Extremely bad or unpleasant.
  5. Deplorable: Worthy of strong condemnation or disapproval.
  6. Detestable: Deserving intense dislike or hatred.
  7. Disgusting: Causing strong revulsion or repugnance.
  8. Dreadful: Extremely bad, unpleasant, or terrifying.
  9. Frightening: Causing fear or terror.
  10. Gruesome: Shockingly or disgustingly horrifying.
  11. Hideous: Extremely ugly or repulsive.
  12. Loathsome: Causing strong feelings of disgust or repulsion.
  13. Nauseating: Causing intense feelings of sickness or disgust.
  14. Repugnant: Extremely distasteful or offensive.
  15. Revolting: Highly disgusting or repulsive.
  16. Shocking: Causing intense surprise or disbelief.
  17. Terrible: Extremely bad or severe.
  18. Terrifying: Filling with extreme fear or dread.
  19. Unbearable: Impossible to endure or tolerate.
  20. Wretched: Miserable, pitiful, or deserving pity.

Example Sentences for Horrible Adjectives

  1. The abominable act of cruelty left everyone stunned.
  2. The condition of the house was appalling.
  3. His behavior towards others was atrocious.
  4. The smell in the room was awful.
  5. The treatment of the workers was deplorable.
  6. The taste of the food was detestable.
  7. The sight of the accident was disgusting.
  8. The movie was a dreadful experience.
  9. The haunted house was frightening at night.
  10. The crime scene was gruesome and horrifying.
  11. Her outfit was hideous and mismatched.
  12. The stench in the room was loathsome.
  13. The sight of the decaying food was nauseating.
  14. The politician’s statement was repugnant to many.
  15. The garbage dump emitted a revolting odor.
  16. The news of the disaster was shocking.
  17. The weather during the storm was terrible.
  18. The horror movie was terrifying from start to finish.
  19. The pain in his leg was unbearable.
  20. The homeless man lived in a wretched state.

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How to describe horrible in writing?

In writing, you can describe something as horrible by using adjectives like dreadful, repulsive, or terrifying to convey its extreme unpleasantness.

What is the adjective for the adverb horrible?

The adjective form of the adverb “horrible” is “horrible” itself. It remains the same in both forms.

What is a sentence for horrible?

“The horror movie I watched last night was absolutely horrible.”

“The smell coming from the dumpster was horrible.”

Adjectives for Horrible Words to Describe Horrible