20+ Best Words to Describe Admiration, Adjectives for Admiration

Admiration, a profound feeling of respect and appreciation, often fills our hearts when we encounter something inspiring or exceptional. It’s that warm glow within us that arises when we witness acts of courage, talents, or the qualities we deeply value in others. Describing this beautiful emotion requires the use of words that reflect the depth and intensity of our feelings. In this blog post, we delve into a collection of words that eloquently capture the essence of admiration, allowing us to express our heartfelt appreciation for the remarkable individuals and moments that touch our lives.

Adjectives for Admiration

Here are the 20 Most Popular adjectives for admiration:

  1. Adoring
  2. Appreciative
  3. Astonished
  4. Captivated
  5. Charmed
  6. Dazzled
  7. Enchanted
  8. Fascinated
  9. Glowing
  10. Inspired
  11. Mesmerized
  12. Reverent
  13. Spellbound
  14. Stunned
  15. Sublime
  16. Thrilled
  17. Utterly impressed
  18. Venerated
  19. Wondrous
  20. Zealous

Words to Describe Admiration with Meanings

  1. Adoring: Fondly and deeply affectionate.
  2. Appreciative: Grateful and thankful for someone or something.
  3. Astonished: Surprised and amazed by admiration.
  4. Captivated: Enthralled and deeply engrossed with admiration.
  5. Charmed: Delighted and enchanted by admiration.
  6. Dazzled: Blinded by admiration’s brilliance.
  7. Enchanted: Under the spell of admiration’s magic.
  8. Fascinated: Intrigued and captivated by admiration.
  9. Glowing: Radiating warmth and love in admiration.
  10. Inspired: Motivated and influenced by admiration.
  11. Mesmerized: Hypnotized and entranced by admiration.
  12. Reverent: Showing deep respect and admiration.
  13. Spellbound: Entranced and fascinated by admiration.
  14. Stunned: Astonished and overwhelmed with admiration.
  15. Sublime: Experiencing awe and admiration’s greatness.
  16. Thrilled: Excited and elated with admiration.
  17. Utterly impressed: Completely and profoundly amazed with admiration.
  18. Venerated: Highly respected and admired.
  19. Wondrous: Filled with wonder and admiration.
  20. Zealous: Fervently enthusiastic and admiring.

Example Sentences for Admiration Adjectives

  1. She looked adoringly at her newborn baby.
  2. The team felt appreciative of the support they received.
  3. The children were astonished by the magician’s tricks.
  4. The audience was captivated by the singer’s performance.
  5. He was charmed by her sweet smile.
  6. The fireworks dazzled the crowd on New Year’s Eve.
  7. The fairy tale enchanted young readers.
  8. The explorer was fascinated by the ancient ruins.
  9. Her face lit up with glowing admiration for her hero.
  10. His achievement inspired others to pursue their dreams.
  11. The audience was mesmerized by the ballet performance.
  12. They showed reverent respect during the ceremony.
  13. The children were spellbound by the magician’s show.
  14. The young artist was stunned by the praise she received.
  15. The view from the mountaintop was sublime.
  16. The fans were thrilled to meet their favorite actor.
  17. The scientist was utterly impressed by the research findings.
  18. The ancient temple was venerated by the locals.
  19. The breathtaking sunset left us feeling wondrous.
  20. He was zealous in his admiration for the famous painter.

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How to describe admiration in writing?

Admiration in writing can be portrayed by using glowing adjectives, heartfelt expressions, and vivid imagery to convey deep appreciation and respect.

What is another word for strong admiration?

A synonym for strong admiration is “adoration,” which signifies a profound and intense affection or reverence for someone or something.

How do you express admiration in words?

You can express admiration in words by using adjectives like “admiring,” “appreciative,” “fascinated,” or phrases like “I greatly admire” or “I’m inspired by” to convey your feelings.

Adjectives for Admiration Words to Describe Admiration