100 Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

100 Sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense! Are you ever confused about when to use the present perfect continuous tense? You’re not alone! This can be a tricky verb tense to use but don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll explain when to use the present perfect continuous tense by providing you with some examples.

The present perfect continuous tense is formed using the auxiliary verb “have” (or “has”) in the present perfect tense, the auxiliary verb “been,” and the present participle (-ing) form of the main verb.

The basic structure is:

Subject + has/have + been + present participle (-ing) form of the main verb + Object

100 Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. We have been waiting for you since morning.
  2. You have been practicing piano every day.
  3. The baby has been crying for the past hour.
  4. They have been exploring the city since they arrived.
  5. She has been baking cookies for the bake sale.
  6. I have been reading this book for a week.
  7. The plants have been growing quickly this season.
  8. They have been playing board games on weekends.
  9. The flowers have been blooming beautifully this spring.
  10. You have been mowing the lawn every week.
  11. I have been taking photographs during my travels.
  12. The rain has been pouring down since this morning.
  13. I have been learning how to cook different cuisines.
  14. We have been preparing for the presentation all week.
  15. You have been playing soccer every weekend.
  16. The kids have been playing outside all afternoon.
  17. The cat has been hiding under the bed since the storm began.
  18. We have been enjoying our time together this weekend.
  19. She has been swimming every day this summer.
  20. We have been trying new recipes every weekend.
  21. We have been meeting for the book club once a month.
  22. She has been watching her favorite TV series.
  23. We have been visiting different museums in the city.
  24. He has been participating in local politics.
  25. We have been watching movies since it started raining.
  26. He has been painting his house for two days.
  27. I have been writing in my diary every night.
  28. I have been thinking about you all day.
  29. You have been spending time with your family every weekend.
  30. He has been dreaming about his next vacation.
  31. They have been dancing at the party for three hours.
  32. He has been writing in his journal every night.
  33. The ice has been melting as the weather gets warmer.
  34. She has been eating breakfast since 7 a.m.
  35. He has been researching his family history.
  36. She has been working as a nurse for five years.
  37. She has been sleeping for twelve hours straight.
  38. She has been taking care of her elderly parents.
  39. They have been renovating their home for six months.
  40. She has been feeding the birds in the park.
  41. He has been learning how to play the guitar.
  42. They have been laughing at the comedy show all night.
  43. They have been exercising together to stay healthy.
  44. I have been attending yoga classes every week.
  45. We have been supporting our favorite sports team.
  46. They have been cooking for the party all afternoon.
  47. I have been learning about different cultures.
  48. I have been working on this project since last month.
  49. She has been drinking water to stay hydrated.
  50. You have been volunteering at the shelter every weekend.
  51. The leaves have been changing colors this fall.
  52. I have been missing you since you moved away.
  53. He has been adopting rescue animals for years.
  54. I have been knitting a scarf for my friend.
  55. The snow has been falling steadily since last night.
  56. I have been listening to this album on repeat.
  57. You have been organizing events for the community.
  58. They have been shopping for clothes since yesterday.
  59. She has been making pottery for a year.
  60. You have been donating to charities every year.
  61. I have been singing in the choir for two years.
  62. You have been helping your friend with their homework.
  63. He has been taking photography lessons for six months.
  64. They have been recycling to help the environment.
  65. They have been riding bikes in the park.
  66. He has been maintaining his bicycle regularly.
  67. She has been writing letters to her pen pal.
  68. We have been sharing our favorite memories together.
  69. We have been collecting stamps as a hobby.
  70. She has been teaching at the school for ten years.
  71. She has been gardening in her backyard.
  72. They have been attending concerts regularly.
  73. The dog has been barking for an hour.
  74. We have been discussing this issue for hours.
  75. The earth has been rotating around the sun.
  76. The wind has been blowing strongly all day.
  77. You have been studying for your driver’s license.
  78. We have been watering the plants every day.
  79. She has been learning Spanish for two years.
  80. They have been investing in stocks for a while.
  81. They have been saving money for their future.
  82. You have been walking your dog every day.
  83. He has been completing puzzles in his free time.
  84. I have been brushing my teeth twice a day.
  85. I have been meditating daily for stress relief.
  86. You have been encouraging others to pursue their dreams.
  87. They have been traveling around the world for a year.
  88. He has been fixing the car since it broke down.
  89. He has been working out consistently this year.
  90. The sun has been shining brightly all day.
  91. He has been building a treehouse for his kids.
  92. She has been running every morning for a month.
  93. You have been visiting your grandparents regularly.
  94. She has been following a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  95. The birds have been chirping since sunrise.
  96. We have been planning our vacation for months.
  97. We have been celebrating our anniversary every year.
  98. You have been cleaning the house since morning.
  99. They have been living here for five years.
  100. He has been studying for the exam all night.

Negative Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. I haven’t been studying enough for the exam.
  2. She hasn’t been eating very healthily lately.
  3. They haven’t been practicing their instruments regularly.
  4. He hasn’t been exercising regularly, and it shows.
  5. We haven’t been getting along very well recently.
  6. The team hasn’t been performing as well as they should be.
  7. She hasn’t been paying attention during meetings.
  8. He hasn’t been taking his medication as prescribed.
  9. They haven’t been making progress on the project.
  10. I haven’t been feeling very motivated lately.

Interrogative Sentences of Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  1. Have you been studying for the exam?
  2. Has she been eating healthily lately?
  3. Have they been practicing their instruments regularly?
  4. Has he been exercising regularly?
  5. Have you been getting along with your co-workers?
  6. Has the team been performing well?
  7. Has she been paying attention during meetings?
  8. Has he been taking his medication as prescribed?
  9. Have they been making progress on the project?
  10. Have you been feeling motivated lately?

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100 sentences in Present Perfect Continuous Tense

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