50 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

50 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences! Verbs are the foundation of any sentence, and the English language contains hundreds of different verbs. Regular verbs are an essential part of everyday English, and they form the past tense by adding -ed or -d to their base form. In this article, we will take a look at 50 examples of regular verbs used in sentences. From common verbs like ‘walk’ to less frequent ones such as ‘befriend’, you will learn how to use them accurately in a variety of contexts.

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50 Examples of Regular Verbs

Below are 50 examples of regular verbs in English, with their simple past tense form and past participle form.

1. Clean Cleaned Cleaned
2. Punish Punished Punished
3. Advise Advised Advised
4. Kick Kicked Kicked
5. Cheer Cheered Cheered
6. Print Printed Printed
7. Behave Behaved Behaved
8. Obey Obeyed Obeyed
9. Help Helped Helped
10. Expand Expanded Expanded
11. Wait Waited Waited
12. Gather Gathered Gathered
13. Warn Warned Warned
14. Bake Baked Baked
15. Murder Murdered Murdered
16. Deliver Delivered Delivered
17. Snore Snored Snored
18. Create Created Created
19. Return Returned Returned
20. Collect Collected Collected
21. Purchase Purchased Purchased
22. Earn Earned Earned
23. Talk Talked Talked
24. Employ Employed Employed
25. Thank Thanked Thanked
26. Beg Begged Begged
27. Need Needed Needed
28. Hate Hated Hated
29. Fry Fried Fried
30. Want Wanted Wanted
31. Guess Guessed Guessed
32. Worry Worried Worried
33. Hope Hoped Hoped
34. Change Changed Changed
35. Pick Picked Picked
36. Explain Explained Explained
37. Walk Walked Walked
38. Control Controlled Controlled
39. Remember Remembered Remembered
40. Divide Divided Divided
41. Start Started Started
42. Chase Chased Chased
43. Play Played Played
44. Clap Clapped Clapped
45. Punch Punched Punched
46. Brush Brushed Brushed
47. Open Opened Opened
48. Argue Argued Argued
49. Listen Listened Listened
50. Harass Harassed Harassed

50 Examples of Regular Verbs in Example Sentences

  1. After a long chase, he caught it.
  2. All who dance lightly are not merry.
  3. I don’t need to laugh, make, argue, or cry anymore.
  4. In a preheated oven, bake the cake.
  5. A more pragmatic approach is required.
  6. She was apprehensive about admitting she was mistaken.
  7. We were startled to hear an unearthly cry.
  8. Many childless couples choose to adopt.
  9. In attack, United appeared to be woefully lacking in threat.
  10. I propose that we adopt the agenda in its current form.
  11. Don’t bake the cakes until they’re completely black.
  12. Do not bring the ocean to a boil.
  13. The bomb was detonated with the help of a remote control.
  14. With one eye, cry, and the other, laugh.
  15. Can I rely on your trust?
  16. I’d peel the potatoes and boil them.
  17. You can count on me if there’s anything I can do.
  18. Make a pit and bury the trash in it.
  19. As a precaution, make a backup copy of the disc.
  20. This copy machine is broken.
  21. Please include me in this endeavor.
  22. On the dance floor were several couples.
  23. Would you be willing to copy these documents?
  24. Local governments have been given control.
  25. We can either keep or adopt an orphan.
  26. She’d learned to bury her emotions.
  27. The car was spotted by police, and they pursued it.
  28. Where can I get a hold of a copy of her most recent book?
  29. A faint, almost imperceptible cry was heard.
  30. Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake the cake for 40 minutes.
  31. What happened to his body and where did you bury it?
  32. When I’m chopping onions, I always cry.
  33. God help us, we must not lie and cry.
  34. You must repay that day if you obtain a copy of any form.
  35. I’ll email you a copy of the document.
  36. Don’t scurry around any longer, and take a seat quickly.
  37. She relished the adrenaline rush of the chase.
  38. When you gently boil veal, it tastes better.
  39. You have to admit, it all sounds strange.
  40. It’s much easier to cycle with the wind at your back.
  41. She knows how to count to a hundred and backward.
  42. After a long chase, the cops apprehended the robbers.
  43. It’s far too difficult to cycle up that hill.
  44. You’ll cry before supper if you laugh before breakfast.
  45. I’ll forward a copy of the report to you.
  46. A long car chase concludes the film.
  47. Have you received a copy of the newspaper from yesterday?
  48. I am adamant about paying for the damage.
  49. The egg yolk will curdle if the sauce is allowed to boil.
  50. When do we expect to arrive in Tokyo?

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