+100 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

100 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences! In the English language, verbs are one of the most important components in creating sentences. Understanding how to properly use regular verbs is essential for forming effective communication. This article will provide 100 examples of regular verbs used in sentences so that readers can gain a better understanding of how to use them correctly. The article will also discuss different verb tenses and how regular verbs can be used in various contexts.

What are Regular Verbs?

Regular verbs are verbs that follow a predictable and consistent pattern when they are conjugated in the various tenses and moods of a language. In English, regular verbs form the past tense by adding the suffix “-ed” to the base form of the verb, such as “walk” becoming “walked” in the past tense.

For example, the verb “play” is a regular verb in English. Its conjugation in the present tense is “I play, you play, he/she/it plays, we play, you play, they play.” In the past tense, it is formed by adding “-ed” to the base form, so it becomes “I played, you played, he/she/it played, we played, you played, they played.”

Other examples of regular verbs in English include “talk,” “love,” “smile,” and “live.” In contrast, irregular verbs have an unpredictable conjugation in one or more of the tenses and moods, such as “go” becoming “went” in the past tense.

100 Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

100 Examples of Regular Verbs

  Base Form Simple Past Past Participle
1. Accept Accepted Accepted
2. Create Created Created
3. Measure Measured Measured
4. Visit Visited Visited
5. Cheat Cheated Cheated
6. Introduce Introduced Introduced
7. Scold Scolded Scolded
8. Complain Complained Complained
9. Laugh Laughed Laughed
10. Talk Talked Talked
11. Ask Asked Asked
12. Estimate Estimated Estimated
13. Print Printed Printed
14. Argue Argued Argued
15. Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
16. Play Played Played
17. Confess Confessed Confessed
18. Lie Lied Lied
19. Thank Thanked Thanked
20. Control Controlled Controlled
21. Listen Listened Listened
22. Trouble Troubled Troubled
23. Challenge Challenged Challenged
24. Hope Hoped Hoped
25. Retire Retired Retired
26. Announce Announced Announced
27. Earn Earned Earned
28. Park Parked Parked
29. Compare Compared Compared
30. Kiss Kissed Kissed
31. Study Studied Studied
32. Adopt Adopted Adopted
33. Deliver Delivered Delivered
34. Offend Offended Offended
35. Wink Winked Winked
36. Agree Agreed Agreed
37. Divide Divided Divided
38. Open Opened Opened
39. Yell Yelled Yelled
40. Copy Copied Copied
41. Love Loved Loved
42. Type Typed Typed
43. Call Called Called
44. Help Helped Helped
45. Reply Replied Replied
46. Collect Collected Collected
47. Kill Killed Killed
48. Start Started Started
49. Admit Admitted Admitted
50. Dance Danced Danced
51. Obey Obeyed Obeyed
52. Warn Warned Warned
53. Boil Boiled Boiled
54. Greet Greeted Greeted
55. Question Questioned Questioned
56. Allow Allowed Allowed
57. Drag Dragged Dragged
58. Paint Painted Painted
59. Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
60. Guess Guessed Guessed
61. Race Raced Raced
62. Bury Buried Buried
63. Hate Hated Hated
64. Remember Remembered Remembered
65. Count Counted Counted
66. Marry Married Married
67. Use Used Used
68. Construct Constructed Constructed
69. Like Liked Liked
70. Travel Traveled Traveled
71. Bake Baked Baked
72. Explain Explained Explained
73. Punish Punished Punished
74. Achieve Achieved Achieved
75. Cry Cried Cried
76. Move Moved Moved
77. Wait Waited Waited
78. Add Added Added
79. Cycle Cycled Cycled
80. Murder Murdered Murdered
81. Walk Walked Walked
82. Appreciate Appreciated Appreciated
83. Employ Employed Employed
84. Phone Phoned Phoned
85. Behave Behaved Behaved
86. Gather Gathered Gathered
87. Push Pushed Pushed
88. Approve Approved Approved
89. Encourage Encouraged Encouraged
90. Pick Picked Picked
91. Cheer Cheered Cheered
92. Irritate Irritated Irritated
93. Select Selected Selected
94. Brush Brushed Brushed
95. Harass Harassed Harassed
96. Relax Relaxed Relaxed
97. Chase Chased Chased
98. Interrupt Interrupted Interrupted
99. Rub Rubbed Rubbed
100. Assist Assisted Assisted

Examples of Regular Verbs in Sentences

  1. After a car chase, the criminal was apprehended.
  2. He’d lost all sense of self-control.
  3. She volunteered at the animal shelter.
  4. They were supposed to arrive the next day.
  5. He installed a new light fixture in the kitchen.
  6. She fixed her bike tire.
  7. They painted the house last summer.
  8. We wrote a letter to our friend.
  9. He played the guitar for his friends.
  10. She played the piano beautifully.
  11. They studied for their exams.
  12. George’s blood boils at the thought.
  13. It is necessary to consider the costs of pollution control.
  14. The threat of an attack has been exaggerated greatly.
  15. We decorated the house for Halloween.
  16. For your convenience, I’m printing a copy of the document.
  17. Is it true that you bake your own bread?
  18. The storm caused minimal damage.
  19. We climbed the mountain together.
  20. He surfed the internet for information.
  21. She smiled at the baby.
  22. They studied Spanish for their upcoming trip.
  23. He watched the birds at the bird feeder.
  24. She talked to her friends on the phone.
  25. They want to adopt a newborn child.
  26. He had to rely on passers-by for food.
  27. She cleaned her room before going to bed.
  28. They mowed the lawn on Saturday morning.
  29. We watched the sunrise over the ocean.
  30. Drag hunting involves hounds chasing a synthetic scent.
  31. I’ve made the decision to adopt a child.
  32. The manuscript is only available in one copy.
  33. We celebrated Christmas with our family.
  34. He played cards with his friends.
  35. She organized her closet.
  36. They repaired the broken fence.
  37. Children are constantly reminded to chew their food thoroughly.
  38. I only have blood, boils, tears, and sweat to offer.
  39. Tenants are held legally responsible for any damage they cause.
  40. To bury the trash, they dug a pit.
  41. Cross decided to wheedle and beg a little.
  42. admit it was a stupid thing to do.
  43. The doctor pricked the boil on his hand with a lancet.
  44. We attended the concert last weekend.
  45. He watched the movie last night.
  46. She trained for the half-marathon.
  47. They watered the plants in the greenhouse.
  48. He folded his laundry and put it away.
  49. She called her parents to check-in.
  50. They fixed the leaky faucet.
  51. We watched the football game on TV.
  52. He planted a garden in his backyard.
  53. She is adamant about not admitting the truth.
  54. They practiced their instruments for the concert.
  55. Before swallowing, chew your food thoroughly.
  56. I implore you not to take any chances.
  57. Take care not to cause damage to other people’s belongings.
  58. To bury the animals, we dug a deep hole.
  59. He cooked dinner for his family.
  60. Oxygen is required to complete the cycle.
  61. They cleaned the pool for the party.
  62. We should try to adopt a more upbeat attitude.
  63. Don’t cry out until you’ve been hurt.
  64. beg you to pardon me!
  65. The house was severely damaged by the storm.
  66. We attended the graduation ceremony.
  67. He created a budget for the household.
  68. Preheat oven to 250°F and bake for 20 minutes.
  69. They collected shells on the beach.
  70. We traveled to Europe last summer.
  71. He fixed the broken door handle.
  72. She arranged the flowers for the party.
  73. They donated clothes to charity.
  74. We watched the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
  75. According to doctors, surgery could cause a heart attack.
  76. He watered the plants in the garden.
  77. She typed the report on her computer.
  78. They were forced to beg for a living during those years.
  79. He was unable to control his furor.
  80. She started boiling some potatoes.
  81. They told him that crying was childish.
  82. He became a vegetable as a result of severe brain damage.
  83. On the dance floor, the young people gyrated.
  84. There is no longer a pipe, and there is no longer a dance.
  85. We hiked in the mountains.
  86. After a high-speed chase, the officers pulled him over.
  87. Her grogginess was exacerbated by the flu.
  88. She vowed to herself that she would bury her past.
  89. They worked together on the project.
  90. Bake after coating with bread crumbs.
  91. Her legs were worn out from the long cycle ride.
  92. She was the unwitting victim of a deliberate arson attack.
  93. They danced as the carpet rolled back.
  94. For the first dance, the bridal couple stood up.
  95. In a preheated oven, bake for 5-7 minutes.
  96. The original painting was replaced with a copy by the crooks.
  97. We celebrated our anniversary at a fancy restaurant.
  98. He checked his email before leaving the office.
  99. Over the years, he’d had to bury his suffering.
  100. They baked cookies for their class.
  101. We planted flowers in the garden.
  102. For tomorrow’s trip, we’ll have to count John out.
  103. In the cycle lanes, cars are not permitted.
  104. The plane had lost control and was spinning out of control.
  105. We cleaned the garage on the weekend.
  106. He jogged around the neighborhood.
  107. She greeted her customers with a smile.
  108. They painted the mural on the school wall.
  109. When I wrote, the boil on my right arm throbbed.
  110. He fished in the river.
  111. Reduce the heat just before the milk comes to a boil.
  112. They designed a website for their business.
  113. We visited the museum on Saturday.
  114. He hugged his friend goodbye.
  115. She faxed a copy of her British passport to them.
  116. They packed their suitcases for the trip.
  117. We were unable to adopt a child, so we chose to foster.
  118. He baked a cake for his sister’s birthday.
  119. It’s difficult to chew this meat.
  120. The chase was joined by a number of children.
  121. We didn’t arrive as quickly as we had hoped.
  122. He launched a ferocious counter-offensive to academic criticism.
  123. She invited her friends over for dinner.
  124. They played soccer in the park.
  125. He balanced the checkbook.
  126. On the dancefloor, I smooched with him.
  127. We had a dance party to ring in the New Year.
  128. He can count, read, and write.
  129. Our initial reaction to the attack was horror.
  130. They assembled the furniture for their new apartment.
  131. We listened to music all night.
  132. He piped music for us to dance to.
  133. She ironed her clothes for the meeting.
  134. They practiced their dance routine for the recital.
  135. From one to a hundred, the child can count.
  136. Isn’t it possible for you two to simply bury the hatchet?
  137. The temperature of the water does not rise once it begins to boil.
  138. We danced at the party.
  139. He helped his neighbor carry groceries.
  140. She coached her son’s basketball team.
  141. They organized a charity event.
  142. We watched the sunset from the hilltop.
  143. He laughed at the joke.
  144. She greeted her guests at the party.
  145. They played chess at the coffee shop.
  146. You’re pitiful! You can’t even boil an egg, can you?
  147. Bakers work in massive ovens.
  148. I can’t chew this meat because it’s so tough!
  149. Stefano herded the sheep on a motorcycle.
  150. This copy machine isn’t functioning properly.
  151. Clive chose to take a neutral stance.
  152. I walked to the store.
  153. The car was only slightly damaged.
  154. Tom enjoys chewing on something challenging.


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