50 Examples of Compound Prepositions in Sentences

50 Examples of Compound Prepositions in Sentences50 Examples of Compound Prepositions in Sentences

  1. Worrying about tomorrow makes you unhappy right now.
  2. Except for Tom and me, there’s no one else here.
  3. We strode through the snow-covered fields.
  4. We waded through a shallow brook.
  5. Outside, there’s a guy who wants to see you.
  6. The cops proved his guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  7. Along the highway, the big Bentley purred.
  8. They took it slowly as they walked down the street.
  9. Virtue has no price.
  10. He’s outside working on the car’s brakes.
  11. She was suddenly wealthy beyond her wildest dreams.
  12. You should hurry up and finish your work.
  13. I’m hoping to get along well with everyone.
  14. By that time, the situation had become irreversible.
  15. We were laughing and joking as we walked along.
  16. The truck slid across the road on its side.
  17. The house is on the other side of the bridge.
  18. Along the riverbank, tall, lush plants grew.
  19. It’s cold outside, so zip up your jacket.
  20. Take the quickest route through the fields.
  21. We require vegetables in addition to milk and cheese.
  22. In her high-heeled shoes, she teetered.
  23. Outside the factory gates, there were pickets.
  24. Aside from an elderly aunt, she has no relatives.
  25. The stone is simply cleaved along the cracks.
  26. Outside the jeweller’s, a car came to a halt.
  27. The truth, like roses, has thorns.
  28. Laura Jane was in a pram when they arrived.
  29. Paul is being a little evasive when it comes to this job.
  30. Stop complaining about the price hike.
  31. Uncle John gave me a wink from across the table.
  32. Outside the courtroom, her lawyer made a statement.
  33. Along the clifftops, we followed the path.
  34. They rode down winding country roads.
  35. The dinghy sailed across the lake with ease.
  36. If your boots are muddy, take them off outside.
  37. Other than money, people choose jobs for a variety of reasons.
  38. He had spent many years living on the other side of the ocean.
  39. His car was parked on the sidewalk.
  40. I’d like to inquire about train schedules.
  41. Outside the harbour, they’re anchored.
  42. Aside from John, there will be five of us for dinner.
  43. Aside from my parents, I don’t have any relatives.
  44. When it comes to acting, one must first reason.
  45. The shortest distance between two points is the shortest distance between two points.
  46. The gem is out of my price range.
  47. He was open and honest about his ordeal.
  48. Legs that haven’t been used in a long time around the fire.
  49. The grass was slithered by a snake.
  50. His arms were crossed across his chest as he sat.