50 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

50 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences! The use of comparative adjectives can add richness and clarity to writing. Comparative adjectives are used to compare differences between two things, whether they be objects, ideas, or people. Comparative adjectives allow us to understand the differences between two items in an efficient way. Knowing how and when to use comparative adjectives correctly is important in order to communicate effectively.

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50 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences 1

50 Examples of Comparative Adjectives in Sentences

  1. The kitten was littler than its siblings, making it the cutest of the bunch.
  2. She arrived later than expected, causing us to miss the opening act.
  3. The chubbier cheeks of the baby made everyone smile and coo.
  4. His new suit was much fancier than his old one, making him the center of attention at the party.
  5. The hostess was politer than the other guests, ensuring everyone felt welcome.
  6. The fresh-baked cookies were crunchier than store-bought ones, which made them even more satisfying.
  7. Her new dress made her look thinner and more elegant than before.
  8. The city center was much busier during the holiday season, making it harder to navigate.
  9. The lion’s roar was fiercer than the other animals, causing everyone to take notice.
  10. The airplane descended to a lower altitude as it prepared for landing.
  11. The surface of the ice was smoother than the road, allowing for easier skating.
  12. His jokes were funnier than the other comedians’, making him the star of the show.
  13. The water in the hot tub was warmer than the pool, making it more inviting.
  14. After the thorough cleaning, the kitchen was cleaner than it had been in months.
  15. The venomous snake was deadlier than the harmless garden snake.
  16. The new tool was handier than the old one, making quick work of the task.
  17. The music at the concert was louder than she expected, making her ears ring.
  18. After a long day, he felt sleepier than ever and couldn’t wait to get to bed.
  19. He became angrier as he listened to the injustice in the story.
  20. The older sister was smarter than her younger siblings, always getting top grades.
  21. The flu left her feeling weaker than she had ever been before.
  22. The yoga class left her feeling calmer and more focused than before.
  23. After the intense workout, his muscles were sorer than usual.
  24. Losing the competition made him a humbler person.
  25. The athlete was fitter than his peers, allowing him to excel in the sport.
  26. The probability of rain tomorrow is likelier than today.
  27. The roads became icier as the temperature dropped, making driving more dangerous.
  28. The new neighbors were friendlier than the previous ones, always greeting everyone with a smile.
  29. The nightclub had a hipper vibe than the old pub, attracting a younger crowd.
  30. The forest was denser on this side of the mountain, making it harder to navigate.
  31. The winding road was curvier than the straight highway, making for a more scenic drive.
  32. The new diet helped her become slimmer and healthier.
  33. The waiter was ruder than expected, causing us to complain to the manager.
  34. The new mattress was firmer than the old one, providing better support.
  35. She looked even prettier in her new outfit, turning heads wherever she went.
  36. The pastry was flakier than before, making it even more delicious.
  37. The achievements of the new athlete were greater than those of his predecessors.
  38. The gorilla was hairier than the other primates at the zoo.
  39. The mechanic’s hands were oilier after working on the car all day.
  40. She felt happier now that she had achieved her goals.
  41. The older sibling always looked out for the younger ones.
  42. The bakery was nearer to her house than the supermarket, making it more convenient.
  43. The attic was dustier than the rest of the house, as it hadn’t been cleaned in years.
  44. The homemade cake was sweeter than the store-bought one, making it a hit at the party.
  45. The air-conditioned room was cooler than the sweltering outdoors.
  46. The weather this winter was milder than last year, making it more enjoyable.
  47. The villain in the story was crueler than any other character.
  48. The new car was longer than the old one, providing more legroom.
  49. The apple was crispier and more refreshing than the mushy banana.
  50. The alleyway was narrower than the street, making it difficult to pass through.

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