20 Sentences in Future Simple Tense

Learning how to use the future simple tense is an important part of mastering English grammar. With this article, you will gain a better understanding of the future simple tense along with twenty practice sentences for you to try. By the end of this article, you will be able to confidently construct sentences in the future simple tense and feel comfortable using them in conversation.

20 Sentences in Future Simple Tense

  1. Tomorrow, I will buy groceries at the store.
  2. He will visit his grandmother next week.
  3. They will cook dinner for the family.
  4. We will see the new movie on Friday.
  5. She will finish her project by Monday.
  6. You will meet your friend at the coffee shop.
  7. The dog will chase the squirrel in the park.
  8. The train will arrive at the station at 3 PM.
  9. He will start a new job next month.
  10. She will celebrate her birthday with a party.
  11. We will attend the concert this weekend.
  12. The teacher will explain the assignment to the students.
  13. The sun will rise at 6:23 AM tomorrow.
  14. The plane will land in two hours.
  15. The store will open at 9 AM on weekdays.
  16. I will send you an email with the information.
  17. They will build a new house in the neighborhood.
  18. She will plant flowers in the garden this spring.
  19. The car will need a service check next month.
  20. We will paint the living room over the weekend.

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20 sentences in future simple tense

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