50 Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

50 Sentences in Past Continuous Tense! If you’re learning English, it’s important to know how to use the past continuous tense. This tense is used to describe actions that were in progress at a certain point in the past. Let’s take a look at some examples.

50 sentences in past continuous tense

50 Examples of Past Continuous Tense

Below are 50 examples:

  1. She wasn’t feeling very well so she stayed at home.
  2. I was coming home when I realized that I had forgotten my keys.
  3. Were you sitting here when my mother called me?
  4. How long were you studying English when he called you?
  5. We were doing our homework when the teacher came in to give us the test.
  6. Were they waiting for me when we got to the coffee shop?
  7. I was thinking about him when you arrived.
  8. We were making dinner when my brother called us.
  9. We were cooking breakfast when there was a fire in the kitchen.
  10. They weren’t feeling well so they stayed at home all day.
  11. Were you giving him a ride home when you had the accident?
  12. We were doing our chores when it began to rain.
  13. She wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed in bed all day.
  14. I was thinking about calling him when he phoned me.
  15. They weren’t feeling very good, so they stayed in bed all day.
  16. I was working on a new song when he called me.
  17. I was thinking about calling him when he phoned me.
  18. She wasn’t feeling very good so she stayed in bed all day.
  19. We were making dinner when my parents came home from work.
  20. He was sleeping when they called him.
  21. We were going to the movies when we met your brother.
  22. She was sleeping when he left.
  23. I was getting ready for bed when there was a knock on my door.
  24. They weren’t cooking dinner when you came.
  25. I was sitting in my living room reading when someone rang the doorbell.
  26. We weren’t studying when he asked us for help.
  27. They were getting dressed when the phone rang.
  28. He wasn’t feeding the dog when we got home.
  29. I wasn’t cleaning the bathroom when all of a sudden I heard a noise coming from upstairs.
  30. She was cooking breakfast when something terrible happened.
  31. We weren’t playing tennis when it started raining.
  32. Were you thinking about me when he phoned?
  33. She was studying when her phone rang.
  34. I wasn’t feeling very good so I stayed home from work.
  35. We were playing cards when someone knocked at the door.
  36. They weren’t watching television when you called them.
  37. We were sitting on the patio when you walked in.
  38. Were you expecting me when I came to the door?
  39. I was sleeping when you called.
  40. She was reading a book at that time.
  41. I wasn’t watching TV then.
  42. He was not looking out of the window then.
  43. We weren’t taking pictures then.
  44. Were you writing a letter at that time?
  45. Was she making tea for us?
  46. Was the boy sleeping when the thief entered his house?
  47. Were you listening to music when I called you up last night?
  48. She studied, roommate watched TV.
  49. Kids played, and parents had a picnic.
  50. I cooked, and the phone rang.

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