15 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

15 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences! Verbs are an essential part of language and grammar. Transitive verbs are particularly important for understanding how sentences work and can often be a tricky concept for English learners to grasp. In this article, we’ll explain what transitive verbs are and provide fifteen examples of transitive verbs in sentences.

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15 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

What are Transitive Verbs?

Transitive verbs are action verbs that require a direct object to complete their meaning. A direct object is a noun or pronoun that receives the action of the verb. In other words, transitive verbs are verbs that transfer the action of the verb to a receiver.

For example, in the sentence “Samantha ate an apple,” the verb “ate” is a transitive verb because it requires a direct object (“an apple”) to complete the meaning of the sentence. Without the direct object, the sentence would be incomplete: “Samantha ate” does not convey a complete idea.

Other examples of transitive verbs include “throw,” “give,” “write,” “paint,” “hit,” and “find.” These verbs all require a direct object to complete their meaning.

15 Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. I’ve made an effort to forgive him for his remarks.
  2. Under no circumstances should you deceive.
  3. What is the rate at which the dollar is converted into pounds?
  4. To keep the kids entertained, we hired a magician.
  5. You are not obligated to acknowledge convictions that have been overturned.
  6. Army officers had threatened to destroy the town, he claimed.
  7. An X-ray revealed a crack in one of the ribs.
  8. It’s critical to define these terms correctly.
  9. It’s better to ask twice than to get lost once.
  10. For three days, he eluded capture.
  11. If you ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly response.
  12. She refuses to admit that reform is required.
  13. I won’t lie to you if you don’t ask me any questions.
  14. Those whom the gods wish to destroy are first referred to as promising.
  15. He looked for the answer in vain.

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