15 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

15 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences! Pronouns are an important element of sentence structure, and understanding the different types of pronouns can help you effectively communicate with others. Personal pronouns are a type of pronouns that refer to particular people or things. This article will provide 15 examples of personal pronouns used in sentences to help you understand how they function in language.

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15 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

List of Personal Pronouns

Here is a list of personal pronouns:

  1. First-person singular: I, me, my, mine
  2. Second person singular: you, your, yours
  3. Third person singular: he, him, his, she, her, hers, it, its
  4. First-person plural: we, us, our, ours
  5. Second person plural: you, your, yours
  6. Third person plural: they, them, their, theirs

15 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Without her hat, she felt undressed.
  2. Before you put your faith in a friend, give him a chance.
  3. There is hope as long as we breathe.
  4. He is wealthy enough to owe no debts.
  5. Before you sing it, learn to say it.
  6. You don’t have any goats, but you sell kids.
  7. We quickly believe what we want.
  8. You must not put your health at risk.
  9. What we don’t realize is how much we don’t know.
  10. We lose in hake but win in herring.
  11. We are in the midst of life, but we are also in the midst of death.
  12. You can’t tell anything about a tree by looking at its bark.
  13. She was pushed to the limit of her endurance.
  14. You must toil for knowledge if you want it.
  15. She combed her hair and applied lipstick to her lips.

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